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   Chapter 802 A Delicate Necklace (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6420

Updated: 2018-12-31 00:16

"Really? There won't be any problem, right?" Leena could not help jumping for joy in her heart because he would be with her for two whole days. She was happy and wanted to spend more time with him. After all, she would be in Paris two days later. So these two days were quite precious for her. Although she was not sure whether Kevin wanted to stay with her in the two days or not, she was expecting a lot for the coming two days. Happy? She was ecstatic.

"There won't be any. I promise you. You've got me for the weekend. We good?" Kevin took a sip of his soup and then raised his head to take a look at her. His heart could not help beating happily when he saw Leena's bright smile. And that was it. All the aggravation, having to take Duke's abuse, the hard life of a soldier -- her smile made everything worth it.

"No, only kids need company. I am not a kid anymore." She stuck out her tongue to show him she was teasing. What a typical woman! In her heart, she could not be happier about his company. She was desperate for it but pretended not to care a bit.

"Really? Well, now that you don't need me, I can make other plans for tomorrow then." Kevin smiled and lowered his head to continue his meal as if he were fine about everything.

Upon hearing this, Leena opened her eyes wide, staring at him. Come on, she was just kidding. How could he take it seriously? Should he have other arrangements, she would be extremely disappointed! God knew how hard she had wished to have him for two whole days. Her hopes were dashed all of a sudden, just because of a few careless words.

"Well..." Leena compressed her lips a little and did not know what she could do to take back her words. How could this man be so unromantic? Couldn't he know her feelings? She did want him there, and he must know it. Come on, she was a female! As a woman, she should be shy and pretend to reject his offer. And she'd done it. Bu

oominess disappeared all of a sudden. She was lit up immediately on Kevin's explanation. Holding her little hands, Kevin finally made it all better. He continued holding one hand and gently walked with her to the dining table to continue the dinner. After they sat down, Kevin shook his head helplessly. Now he figured that he could not make fun of her later because she would take it really seriously.

"Hum! I'm still mad because of you." Leena touched her nose awkwardly. She would never admit that she was too foolish to figure out that he was actually joking with her.

"Ok, ok. I said it's my fault. Now let's finish our dinner! Everything's getting cold." While Kevin dished her up some food, he started to smile. He realized that he really liked her. But could he grow to love her given enough time? He didn't know.

Kevin's caring words and actions made Leena feel bashful. She lowered her head and continued her meal. She had been born and raised in a rich and prominent family and lived a princess life, so she had an extremely proper and elegant way of having meals. Every move and action showed perfectly that she was a real princess. Unlike ordinary women, she acted punctiliously when she enjoyed the dinner. It was in stark contrast to her vivid personality.

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