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   Chapter 801 The Return Of Major General Gu (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8473

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"Do we really need to go out?" The refrigerator was packed. It would take about 30 minutes or so to prepare a sumptuous dinner. Eating out was a waste of time. Besides, the food in the restaurant was salty and oily. Leena didn't like it.

"Why? Don't you want to go out?" Kevin looked straight at Leena. 'What a doll-like girl, ' he thought. Her lips pouted invitingly, making her look like a little princess.

"No. You must be tired from your trip. Go take a shower first. I promise dinner will be ready after you finish the shower. We don't have to go out to look for a restaurant. Not when we have everything we need here." Leena immediately stood up and walked to the kitchen at a brisk pace. It was the happiest thing to cook dinner for the man she loved.

"Alright. Take your time. Don't be too anxious. I don't need you to burn yourself again." Kevin proposed going out to eat because he didn't want Leena to cook. Since Leena didn't want to go out, he agreed to stay home. Also, he had been out for a long time. He missed the delicious dishes that Leena cooked.

Leena washed the rice deftly and put it in the electric cooker. After pressing "on, " she went to take out some simple ingredients from the refrigerator. 'It won't take much time, ' she thought.

Kevin looked at the rest of the instant noodles and her laptop on the table. The screen was still on. Kevin guessed she must have been surfing the net while eating noodles just now. It was what young girls like Leena liked to do. Kevin shook his head smiling. He never had time for it.

He turned around and carried his suitcase upstairs. After a ten hour flight, he did feel a little tired, so he took Leena's advice to relax and enjoy a bath.

Going back to the familiar bedroom, Kevin found it was filled with a faint floral fragrance which he had never smelled before. It looked like Leena had changed the room while he was away. Even the smell of the air was different. She had added colorful pillows, closet organizers, more shelves, brightly-hued throws, and had moved more of her stuffed animals from the Leng house here. It was definitely more girly.

Everything in the house was familiar yet strange to Kevin, because Leena had made many big changes. It was totally different from how it used to be. When Leena lived here alone, she must have been busy decorating the place. Now the house was much more cozy and comfortable than before. Kevin was quite satisfied with it.

Immersing himself in the warm water, Kevin gave a comfortable sigh and fel

ent he returned. That kind of warmth didn't come from a fire or from the sun, but from the heart. If she hadn't been here, he would have been disappointed when he came in.

"How is your brother?" Although Duke didn't treat Kevin like a brother-in-law, Kevin had already accepted him as a family member.

"He's fine. Oh right. Your timing is awesome. His wedding will be held tomorrow. I thought that you'd have to miss it. But you came back tonight. Let's go to the wedding together tomorrow." When she talked about the wedding, Leena grew more and more excited. She brought Duke and Belinda together. Although sometimes she felt sorry for Belinda, but if she was given another chance to make a choice again, she thought she would do the same. Belinda was drugged after all when she slept with Duke, and that was Leena's doing.

"Oh? Really? That's lucky." 'What a coincidence, ' Kevin thought, 'I'm really in luck. If I miss Duke's wedding, he'll make things difficult for me in the future. I'm dead dog tired, but I have to see this through.'

"You're free tomorrow, right?" Leena asked with some hesitation, tilting her head to one side. She worried that he might have to go right back to work.

"Yes. Yes I am. I'll report for duty at the army base on Monday, so I have two days off." Kevin was really hungry, so he glutted himself with the dishes. "Take your time, Kevin. Don't choke yourself, " Leena said in a concerned tone, "The food on the plane must be hard to swallow, right? I never opt for meals during short flights." Kevin nodded in agreement. He was going to a wedding tomorrow. Probably not a good idea to end up in the hospital with a blocked airway before then.

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