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   Chapter 800 The Return Of Major General Gu (Part One)

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"What are you saying?" Duke glared at Belinda with burning eyes. Leena was his beloved sister, and everything he did was for her sake. Why would he harm Leena?

"Now wait a minute. You got the wrong idea, Duke. I didn't mean anything by it." Belinda twitched her mouth. She wasn't stupid. She knew that what she said had irritated Duke, so she decided not to piss him off any more than she already did.

Duke smirked as Belinda kept her mouth shut. He started the car and put his foot down hard on the accelerator, zooming the two of them away. They were too busy to notice Rachel sitting in her Porsche, staring daggers in their direction, watching them as they pulled away. Her face was contorted with anger. After they disappeared on the broad street lined with trees, she also stepped on the gas and left the Leng Group.

Rachel led an extravagant life. She knew how to live like a lady of quality. She only bought name-brand items. However, she also knew that in order to live a rich life and keep herself in luxury goods, she had to find someone who was willing to foot the bills for her lavish habits. That was non-negotiable. Undoubtedly, Duke was at the top of her list, so even if Belinda frustrated her for the moment, she wouldn't give in easily. She believed that she could outdo Belinda and take her place at Duke's side.

Deep in her heart, she knew she didn't love Duke. She was absolutely egotistical and cared only about herself and her own needs. The reason why she was with Duke was that he could gratify her vanity. She liked his handsome appearance, noble temperament and most importantly, abundant funds. These were the things that she could show off. They once had a brief romance, and she still had it, so she was able to seduce Duke regardless of whether he was single or not. However, she didn't expect that Belinda, who was aggressive and sharp-tongued, was that hard to deal with. It seemed that she had a long way to go before she could get what she wanted.

In her ostentatious Porsche, she cranked up the beats, engine and stereo at full blast, intoxicated by the speed and passion that she craved. She wouldn't miss the wedding tomorrow. Although they didn't tell her where the wedding would be held, she decided to use her connections to find it out. She would doll herself up, go to the wedding, and make a scene. Then everyone would know how Belinda seduced her ex-boyfriend and forced him to marry her. Then Duke would be hers, and his friends would support them.

Darkness fell early in late autumn. When Leena woke up, the night was pressing up against the windows, held at bay

his mind occasionally.

Leena buried her face in Kevin's arms. She rushed over on the spur of the moment just now. After she calmed down a bit, she flushed in embarrassment. Listening to his words, she buried her head deeper.

"Sorry I scared you. It's all right now." Instead of pushing her away, Kevin held Leena more tightly. He knitted his brow at the sight of the noodles on the tea table. Did Leena always eat instant noodles when he was away for training?

"I just didn't think that you'd be back so soon." Leena sniffed back her tears. Seeing that his jacket was damp with her tears, she felt so embarrassed that she didn't want to look up and meet his gaze.

"I'm always back when training's over and done. Don't you want to see me?" Kevin lovingly wiped the tears on Leena's cheeks. Leena burst into tears easily, just like a little spoiled girl.

"I didn't mean that. I just thought that you'd be gone longer, that the training would take you a long time, " Leena anxiously explained, her eyes red from weeping.

"Do you eat instant noodles every day?" Kevin led Leena to the couch and sat down, frowning at the steaming Styrofoam cup of instant noodles that she had just began to eat.

"No, only sometimes. Did you eat dinner? I can cook for you if you're hungry." Leena forced a smile. It was the first time that she had eaten instant noodles recently, and Kevin happened to see it.

"No, but it's a little late now. Tell you what: I'll go upstairs and shower. Then we can go out to dinner." Looking around, Kevin saw the house was clean and kept in good. When he was out, Leena must have taken care of the house very carefully. Everything was neatly in its place, whether a shelf or a cabinet. He had a wonderful wife.

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