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   Chapter 799 The Slap (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7024

Updated: 2018-12-31 00:13

"Great, no alterations. Where are you guys headed?" Leena lived by herself for a little too long. She often felt sad somehow, so she was not really interested in doing anything.

"We're going out to eat. Want to come along?" Belinda was not familiar with Leena's circle of friends and acquaintances, so she was not sure if Leena had been going out with friends when Kevin was not at home.

"No, I've been cleaning this morning. Right now I'm so tired that I just want to lie down and slip into a coma." Ever since she lost weight, she didn't seem to easily gain weight anymore. So no matter how much she ate or slept, she couldn't get fat. She was thrilled about this. That's why she bragged so proudly to Daisy the other day, as if she'd never been fat before.

"Why are you cleaning? Didn't I tell you to hire someone?" Belinda furrowed her brows a little. After last time when Leena was burnt by hot oil, they had asked her to hire some help, but they were surprised that she still hadn't done that.

"It's OK. Our place is not as big as the Leng mansion, so I got this. Besides, I don't like having strangers over, coming and going as they please." At the Leng mansion, Leena never shunned the servants because they had been there since she was born. After so long, they were very much like family to her. She didn't have any problem with them. But if Leena had to hire someone now, she wouldn't be comfortable at all.

"I really can't get through to you, can I? Are you sure you're not coming?" Belinda knew that everyone had to live their own life, so she no longer harped on that subject.

"No, you guys enjoy! Eat well, but if you can't fit in the wedding dress tomorrow, It's not my fault." Leena smiled naughtily. She then surveyed the day's handiwork and uttered a sigh of comfort.

"You brat, are you pulling my leg? How can one meal make me fat, or is the dress going to shrink?" Belinda rolled her eyes, annoyed. She followed Duke's lead as the two left the company building.

"No, I'd never pull your leg. I'm just telling you the truth. If you want to look prettier in the we

through on that. It turns out that she was saving him for Leena." Belinda was vividly telling her story, and Duke was almost overcome with jealousy. He was even more resentful towards Kevin who not only took his sister but also captivated his wife. Duke was not planning to let him off so easily.

"So do you really think you missed out?" Duke was gritting his teeth while staring at her. He dared her to say yes, and he would make sure that she'd regret it.

"Not at all! To be frank, it's good to have him as a brother-in-law. He's still part of the family, isn't he?" More often than not, Belinda was a really spur of the moment kind of gal, so she was completely oblivious to Duke's overpowering jealousy in their small car.

"A part of the family? Why don't I feel that way?" Duke smiled slyly. It was not easy to become a part of the Leng family. He had to put Kevin back in his place. This prospect made Duke much happier.

"What do you mean? Don't you ever think about what kind of problems you're causing? You only care about your own feelings instead of your sister's. I don't know if you really love her. Or are you just causing her pain in the name of loving her?" Even though Leena would sometimes infuriate Duke, she had mostly been understanding and well-behaved, which he honestly admired. So he was aware of her occasional sadness and loneliness, and was deeply hurt as well.

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