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   Chapter 798 The Slap (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8013

Updated: 2018-12-31 00:12

"Do you really think you two will be happy together?" Rachel stared at Duke with a dark look. Her face was covered with tears that were not yet dry.

Before Duke could answer, Belinda cut in. She stood at the door, smiling and amused. "I don't think you need to be concerned with that. We'll live happily ever after."

"Belinda! Don't be so cocky. Do you really think that Duke's in love with you? Listen to me, don't be so naive! Men promise one thing, then do something else! Look at me; I'm a cautionary tale." Already agitated, Rachel became even more unhinged when she saw Belinda.

"I'm not going to depend on men, but I can still trust my husband. He will bring me happiness." Belinda walked closer and closer. Her smile grew bigger and brighter. She looked so charming and confident that her beauty reached its peak.

"Haha! "Happiness. Do you know that I used to be the only one in Duke's heart?" Rachel glared at Belinda intensely. She wanted to tear that big smile off Belinda's face.

"But you aren't anymore, are you? That's why I'll enjoy this even more." Belinda stopped right next to Duke and adjusted his collar, looking like a kind and caring lady to her man.

"You... You..." Rachel pointed at Belinda with a trembling finger. She was too angry at this display of affection to speak.

"What? I'm fine, but are you okay? You look a bit pale." Belinda slapped away Rachel's finger, but her smile remained. Belinda knew that she would never be fazed by a woman like Rachel. So Belinda didn't play Rachel's game, and instead beat her at it. Rachel obviously picked the wrong woman to mess with.

"You haven't won today. Who knows who will get the last laugh! Bitch." Furious now, Rachel began to hurl insult, and she immediately paid for it. Belinda slapped her loudly across the face without thinking twice. Everyone froze in an instant.

"Miss Qin, get over yourself. As long as people don't cross me, I won't bother them. But obviously you're acting insolent, so you absolutely deserve that." Belinda was not like Daisy. She didn't have an official reputation to live up to, and there were no consequences for cutting loose like that.

"You hit me! Who the hell do you think you are?" Rachel covered her cheek, trying to soothe it with her palm. She made sure to remember this, because she vowed to doubly return the favor in the future.

"You made your bed, now

hether he comes or not, that's his business." If he wasn't Daisy's friend, Belinda would never deliver an invitation in person, if at all.

"OK, the more the merrier I suppose. Let's go!" Duke picked up his coat, and just before he could take Belinda's hand, the phone rang. Reaching into his pocket, he answered.

"Hello! Leena, what's going on?" Duke answered the phone as he was walking out. Belinda followed quietly. They exited the office one after the other.

"Is Belinda with you? I tried calling her but no one answered!" Leena was on the other end, calling while wiping a table with a piece of cloth. She was sweating from the exertion.

"Oh! She's with me right now. Do you want to speak to her?" Duke slowed down and waited for Leena's response.

"Yeah! Hand her the phone for a moment." Leena sat down on the floor and took a little break. She was exhausted from cleaning all morning.

"Here! Leena's looking for you." Duke handed Belinda the phone and walked with her into the elevator.

"Girl, what happened?" Belinda just realized that she left her phone in the car. No wonder Leena would be calling Duke to ask for her.

"Hey, didn't I ask you to consult with me after you try on the wedding dress? Have you tried it on or have you forgotten?" Leena lay directly on the floor. She felt cooler already, and she was glad to relax. The comfort gave her an involuntary chill.

"Oh! Sorry! I was busy and forgot to call. The dress fits well. No need for alterations. Thanks, girl." Smacking her forehead, she thought, 'how could I have forgotten something so important?'

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