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   Chapter 797 I Love Her (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8229

Updated: 2018-12-31 00:18

"What did you just say? Duke is getting married tomorrow?" Rachel asked anxiously as she grabbed the shoulder of a female employee. She thought she had a chance to become Duke's wife. After all, the title of the wife of the president of Leng Group was very attractive to her and she made up her mind to win Duke back. But Duke just announced that he was getting married. What should she do?

"Yeah, Mr. Leng is tying the knot tomorrow. You haven't heard? So, you're not the bride, huh?" The lady gave Rachel a pitiful look. Rachel didn't even know Duke was getting married tomorrow, so she could not be the bride.

"Uh, he mentioned something about it before. I guess I forgot." Rachel flashed an embarrassed smile. She couldn't accept the truth that she lost out to Belinda.

Rachel dropped into a nearby chair, lost in thought. A lot of employees stood there, staring at Rachel and gossiping about her. Rachel knew they were mocking her. She feigned inner peace and walked towards the ladies' room.

The moment she entered the ladies' room, tears were streaming down her cheeks. 'Belinda Shangguan, you think you win Duke, huh? You are wrong. As long as I'm alive, you won't be able to live a happy life with Duke. I'll do everything I can to tear you two apart. You just wait and see!' Rachel thought to herself.

Rachel was completely mad at this moment. She slapped the stream of water over and over again as if it were Belinda. She just vented her anger on running water.

'I can't just sit back and watch this happen. I must find Duke now. Why did he suddenly announce their wedding in public? Did Belinda force him to do that? Yes! Belinda must have forced him to declare the wedding in public!' Rachel thought in her mind. Ignoring the water on her dress, she walked out of the ladies' room and proceeded to the president's office.

Rachel burst into Duke's office without knocking and shut the door. She was so fast that the secretary was unable to stop her. Watching Rachel, the secretary was dumbfounded. She didn't dare to walk in, so she had to wait at the door in case the president called for her. She hoped that the president was in a good mood today, otherwise she'd get blamed for not having stopped Rachel.

"Duke, are you going to marry that woman?" Rachel asked, ignoring Duke's cold eyes.

"Rachel Qin, I'm your boss. Show some respect. By the way, my marriage has nothing to do with you. It's my affair, not yours. You have som

leave me the first time. The only person I have ever been in love with is Belinda. And that's still true. We clear?" If Duke had never met Belinda, he would treat the thing between Rachel and him as love. He might even make himself believe it. But now he realized what love was and he knew he never loved Rachel.

"No! Now you're just kidding, " she laughed, somewhat hysterically. "You love me, not Belinda. You can stop making fun of me now. You nearly broke my heart." Rachel grabbed his hand again, tears trickling down her cheeks. Duke, however, had no feelings at all.

"Bah! You're way too full of yourself. Just take a look in the mirror. You make me sick!" Duke, once again, shook off Rachel's hands. He hated being touched by anyone except for Belinda.

"You'll be sorry for treating me so badly. If I don't deserve your love, then who does? Belinda Shangguan? She can't hold a candle to me! Appearance, education, capability, family background... I'm so much better in every way. Why did you fall in love with such a woman?"

Belinda lived a simple life. She drove an ordinary car and wore plain clothes. As a result, Rachel thought Belinda was from a poor family.

"So what? Regardless of what you think, she's the perfect woman for me. I love her, and I will take care of her. That little fit you threw just now? That's why we can't be together." What Rachel said annoyed him. Duke didn't know why she was so sure of herself, but he wasn't going to let her trash Belinda. He shook his head and was about to drive her out. After all, she was unable to accept his explanation, and anything further was a waste of breath.

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