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   Chapter 796 I Love Her (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8055

Updated: 2018-12-30 00:37

Tom always got to work on time. It was as Edward had expected. Punctuality was Tom's strong suit. When Edward entered Tom's office without knocking, he was met by a pair of fierce eyes. But when Tom saw Edward, he instantly changed his expression to a smile. Tom didn't dare to offend Edward, as the CEO had a myriad of ways to get back at him. Edward was by no means a forgiving man.

"Good morning, Edward, Daisy. I guess you've seen Hero, huh?" It annoyed Tom to think of the two policemen standing outside Hero's ward. They'd seriously hurt the business and reputation of his hospital. Edward, however, forced Tom to treat Hero. If it hadn't been for Edward, Tom wouldn't have had anything to do with Hero.

"Yes, we have. Thanks, Tom, " Daisy said with a smile of appreciation. Though Hero was not that important to her, she appreciated Tom very much for having saved the man she once considered a friend.

"Come on, Daisy. Don't be so formal. Edward and I are good buddies. No need for that, " Tom said, stealing a glance at Edward. He was relieved to find that Edward wasn't looking at him.

"Since we are such good buddies, I believe you won't mind checking my wife's wounds." Edward smiled slyly. He had been waiting for what Tom would do to trap himself again. Tom always complained that Edward treated him like a slave. This time, Tom would have no excuse to complain.

"What? Daisy, you got hurt again? You must be joking, right?" Tom cried in astonishment. He finally realized why Edward neither scolded him nor shot cold eyes at him. It turned out that Edward wanted something from him. He always wanted something from him.

"Sorry to bug you, Tom. Recently, I've been off my game, like I'm weaker. I'm not as quick as I was. And that was why I got hurt a couple of times." Daisy smiled awkwardly. She told Edward there was no need for her to go to the hospital and she could simply apply some medicine on her wounds, but Edward ignored her opinion and took her here immediately.

"Come on! If you're out of shape, what does that make me? A lazy pig, that's what. I might die of embarrassment!" Hearing Daisy's explanation, Tom felt ashamed of himself and pretended to strike his head against the wall. Daisy was much stronger than most men, but she still thought so little of herself as to believe she needed more exercise. The woman was unbelievable!

"Before you die, treat her firs

was extremely happy that her best friend was getting married. A wedding is a joyful celebration of love. Daisy decided to come to the wedding in her best condition.

"You remember that, huh? I thought you were too busy to remember their wedding." Edward pinched Daisy's nose affectionately, eyes full of love. Being the husband of a soldier, he had to put up with loneliness, and worry about her safety from time to time. He had asked himself for several times why he fell in love with Daisy. But he didn't have an answer yet. What is love? Nobody could answer it clearly.

"Come on! I won't forget my best friend's wedding date. Edward, just go to the office. It's getting late. I gotta jet." Daisy glanced at her wrist to check the time. She couldn't help but frown when she thought about everything that she needed to deal with.

"All right! Have a safe drive." Edward kissed Daisy on her forehead and opened the car door for her.

"Sure! You too, Edward." Daisy urged, blushing. She was used to Edward's ways of showing his love in public, but she blushed with shyness every time he kissed her.

"Bye!" Edward waved, letting his eyes settle upon Daisy. It was not until the military vehicle vanished that Edward got in his own car and started the engine. Luke followed him closely.

In the morning, the president of Leng Group announced that he was going to get married the next day. The company was bustling with noise and excitement. Everyone was wondering who Duke would be marrying. Was it the president of YS Financial Group, Rachel, or some other lady from a rich and powerful family?

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