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   Chapter 795 Chocolate Abs (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7013

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"Girls are trouble, but I find them cute. Why not let your hair down a bit?" Edward asked. He started warming up, starting with a few lunges. He thought he needed to introduce girls to Luke as a reward for his loyalty over the years. He enjoyed his happy marriage, so he also wanted Luke to have a family.

"No, I don't think so. They are trouble, and they only bring danger." Luke shivered with fear. The horrible things that Jessica and Mary did frightened him.

"Ha-ha! Well said. Don't let my mom hear you. Otherwise she'll make you suffer bitterly." Edward burst into laughter. If a girl fell in love with Luke, it would be a very tragic thing. He could easily guess what would happen. Luke would just stand there while his girl would be throwing things at him.

"Mom's still asleep. Don't worry, " Luke said. Finishing up the curls he was doing, he replaced the dumbbell on the rack. Then he walked to a different part of the gym with Edward.

"It's hard to say. Women are everywhere. It's impossible to constantly fend them off. Eventually one's going to find a weak spot, know..." Edward continued teasing Luke. In fact, in his eyes, the woman he loved was the most beautiful creature in the world. That didn't mean he couldn't have a little fun with his friend.

Luke twitched his lips. He didn't know what Edward meant. Did Edward want him to have a girlfriend or not? He was still single, but Edward said that to scare him, which made him dislike women even more.

After getting back from the gym, Edward took a shower and woke Daisy. Deep in his heart, he didn't want to wake her, but he was afraid that might get in the way of her career. A good officer never slept late.

After arriving at the hospital, Daisy went to see Hero first. Although he had come around, he was still recovering, so he wasn't conscious. The unit nurse said that he had just taken medicine and fallen asleep, so she left after staying for a while.

"Let's go." Daisy walked out of the ward, frowning. It was hard for Hero to knock at the gates of death. She felt sad, because he used to be

because he was the one behind the scenes, but he's so smart that he hasn't left any evidence to accuse him. We do have eyewitness testimony but it will be somewhat difficult to pass sentence, because it's so hard to find evidence. He was pretty thorough."

Daisy forced a smile. She used to think Hero was a gentle and chivalrous man. If he hadn't told her himself, she wouldn't have believed that he was an arms dealer. It was the last thing that she wanted to accept. All along his disguise had deceived her. He was shrewd and deep, and she lacked experience in this respect, so she wasn't aware what was going on when she was with him.

"Forget it. We'll just have to wait and see." Edward knew that something must have happened between Daisy and Hero. Or else as a colonel, she wouldn't be saddened by an arms merchant who had broken the law. They were probably good friends once.

"Okay. I wonder if Tom's here yet." Daisy gave an indifferent smile. She could do nothing about it. After all, she was a colonel, while Hero was an arms merchant. She did what she had to.

"It's not early. He's worried this hospital will be closed down, so he should be here." Edward knew well what this hospital meant to Tom. This was the place where his dream started. He had wanted to name the hospital after Leena to show his deep love for her, but then dropped the idea and named it Renxin Hospital.

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