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   Chapter 794 Chocolate Abs (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7349

Updated: 2018-12-30 00:37

"Did Tom tell you that Hero came out of his coma?" Daisy pursed her lips and stared at Edward with deep affection. In fact, she really didn't think that this man could be so generous and open-minded. From this matter, she had learned more about him and fallen even more deeply in love with him.

"Yes, he did. But I don't really want to visit him. I just want to go to the hospital with you." Edward was afraid that Daisy made a perfunctory promise, so he had to go personally.

"Well, don't bother. I'll go to the hospital to apply medicine as I promised." Daisy's lips were set in a pout of annoyance as Edward didn't trust her.

"I don't trust you. You always lie to me." Edward took out the medicine cabinet. She was often injured some time ago, so there was a lot of medicine.

"I didn't want to hurt myself. It was just an accident. Do you know what that means? It means that it wasn't something I could have avoided." Daisy didn't know why she felt so sweet to see Edward angry at her injury. This should be the feeling of being cared for, and she liked it very much.

"Tell me about it. What kind of accident could seriously hurt the mighty colonel? Lie down." Edward looked grim at the moment he saw her injury. The man's words dripped with venom.

"Maybe we'll hear it on the news. So during a training exercise, soldiers training in the wilderness happened on a major drug deal going down. The amount of drugs found was astounding. No one escaped, and none of the soldiers were killed or injured. Don't you think this news is very encouraging?" One eyebrow cocked, Daisy lay down as Edward talked. She didn't know if she would hear his roar or words of gentle comfort, but she thought that it was very likely that it would be the latter.

"Don't tell me that you went into the woods alone for survival training. There must have been hundreds of drug smugglers, right? You had so many soldiers, but they somehow couldn't beat the drug smugglers. You had to join the fight personally, so you were seriously hurt." The man glared at Daisy, gnashing his teeth. He applied medicine on Daisy's wounds, with unnecessary roughness. As Daisy expected, he was really burning in a frenzy o

lanket, Edward kissed her on the lips before he walked into the washroom.

"Mr. Mu, why are you so early today?" After Edward freshened up, he went to the gym. Luke was very surprised to see him. He usually got up at about eight o'clock, so he rarely came to exercise at this time.

"Well, a noise woke me up, and I couldn't get back to sleep. Wow, what a wonderful eight-pack abdominal muscle. What do girls call it? The name escapes me at the moment." Edward frowned.

"Chocolate abs?" Luke ventured, referring to abdominal muscles that looked like the divided parts of a chocolate bar. Luke's face reddened with embarrassment. In fact, Edward was extremely well-proportioned, but for the sake of beauty, he didn't have abs. However, his V-taper looked good.

"Well, girls also like chocolate. So you should have no problem finding a girl with those abs." Edward looked at Luke with a joking smile. Luke was honest, but not exactly the most interesting guy, and he didn't really have a way with words. He was also a good man, but for some reason never seemed to be able to get a girlfriend. Maybe his grim appearance scared them away.

"Mr. Mu, don't make fun of me. Girls are trouble. I don't even want to get close to them." Luke had witnessed too many examples, so he didn't want to waste his life digging himself out of whatever troubles a girl could mire him in. Besides, all he wanted was to protect Edward. He didn't want any girl to hinder him.

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