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   Chapter 793 What Are You Doing (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8384

Updated: 2018-12-30 00:21

Edward shook his head helplessly as soon as Daisy left. No wonder she didn't have any romantic relationship within the troop. Who would think that she was beautiful if she looked like that every day? Well, that was a good thing too because he would not have rivals over her affection in that case.

In fact, Edward was completely wrong thinking in this way. It was not that no men liked Daisy in the troop. Truth was that no men dared to go after her. Her usual cold face had already made the pursuers feel daunted. Who would dare to take the risk? She was a colonel!

It was not until Daisy looked at the mirror that she realized why Edward showed a disgust at the sight of her just earlier. She couldn't even help hating how she looked.

She carefully took her uniform off. Damn it! The uniform was rendered useless again. She felt fortunate that it was an old uniform, otherwise, she would be depressed for a long while. But what should she do with her wounds now? She had to apply some medicine on them. How should she explain this to Edward without making him angry? She was baffled. She stayed in the bathroom for a long time, wondering how to solve this problem. It was not until she heard the knocks on the door that she hunched her shoulders and walked out.

"What are you doing there? It took you so long." Edward had taken Justin to his own room. But he didn't expect that she still didn't come out after a long time when he came back. Did she fall asleep in the bathroom? Edward wondered.

"Nothing. The paint on my face is difficult to remove. That took some time. Hush! Don't wake Justin up!" Daisy placed her finger next to her lips to signal Edward to lower his voice. She was back to look beautiful after her shower. Her skin became rosy after being soaked in warm water.

"Don't worry. I have taken him back to his own room." If he had known that Daisy would come back at dawn, he would not have let Justin sleep with him.

"You are so swift." Daisy took down the towel she used to dry her hair and directly walked into the chamber, but Edward gripped her and dragged her back.

"What happened to your face?" Edward narrowed his dangerous eyes and gazed at her firmly without even a blink.

"Nothing. It just got scratched by the thorns in the mountain. It's no big deal. It will heal by tomorrow." Daisy replied with a convincing smile. The wound on her face really didn't matter. She had thought that it was not serious. What she cared more were the knife wounds on her body.

reated by a male doctor in the open air while she was completely conscious. She refused the treatment and decided to come back to apply some medicine by herself. She thought the wounds were not very serious, anyway.

"Wait, I will call Tom and ask him to come here." Edward reached out his hand to take his cell phone as soon as he finished talking. Daisy's wounds looked severe in his eyes.

"You don't need to call him. It's not very serious. You only need to help me apply some medicine." She stopped him by gripping his hand. She felt reluctant to bother Tom because of such minor injuries. She was not as fragile as Edward thought.

"But you got so many wounds, what if they get infected?" Edward frowned. This was what concerned him the most. He didn't know much about these things because he was not a doctor.

"I will be fine. I can ask him to do the treatment when I go to the hospital later." At the mention of Tom, Daisy suddenly remembered that Hero had just woken up. She planned to visit him. Thus, she could only go back to the army base after the trip to the hospital. She really marveled at Tom's medical skills. It was magical that he brought Hero back to life. Everybody had thought that it was impossible to save such a dying man. They had to admit that Tom was really an excellent doctor.

"Okay, I will go with you when the day breaks." Edward knew that Hero had woken up from Tom earlier. But he didn't go to see him when he got the news. Edward thought that he had done his utmost to save him and that was enough. There was no need for him to feel that he owed a favor to Hero anymore. He had returned all the favor. Thus, they were even.

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