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   Chapter 792 What Are You Doing (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8430

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"I won't apologize." Belinda didn't leave his lips until she tasted a tinge of blood. She spoke in a domineering manner, looking very aggressive. His words were still lingering on her mind. He said that he loved her. It turned out she was not the only one who was suffering from the pain of love in the past few days, he suffered too. She was amazed to know this. She realized that they were only an inch away from love, and the gap could have been filled before with only a minor step taken by one of them.

"When have you become like a puppy dog?" Duke wiped the blood on his lips. The pain made him realize that he had been bitten by a woman. He wasn't angry at all though. On the contrary, he flashed a brilliant smile. Belinda was dazzled by his charming smile which she had never seen before. It filled her with love.

"Duke, do you really mean what you said just now?" Belinda mumbled. She didn't dare to ask in a loud voice, fearing that any loud sound might shatter the beautiful dream she thought she was in now.

"What did I say just now?" Like Belinda, Duke also pretended that he knew nothing. His forehead was against hers. His eyes were full of affection. Besides Leena, this woman was the only one that he was willing to lavish with his tenderness and affection. He would cherish her wholeheartedly.

"You said you love me, you can't deny it." His confession was such a pleasant surprise before the wedding day. Everything was still surreal to her as she couldn't believe what just happened.

"Did I say that? Are you sure you didn't mishear?" Duke continued to tease. Yes, he fell in love with her and he didn't want to deny it. He found that it was harder to restrain himself from loving her than to free himself and let the love take its lead. So he frankly admitted his love to her.

"I may mishear anything else but never the words you said just now. Duke, when did you realize that you fell in love with me?" Belinda raised her head and gazed at him, her eyes filled with happiness. She had never felt so much love with any other man in her life except for Zachary, her father. Wasn't it said that daughters were their fathers' lovers in a past life? His father took a special place in her heart which could not be replaced by any other men.

"Yes, that's a good question. When did I fall in love with you?" Duke was suddenly lost in his thought. Was it when she slapped him or when she fought with him for a parking space? Could it be when she showed how sexy and charming she was when she w

hing here? If you get me, you will have everything. Daisy, you better explain what happened to you. Why the hell do you look so nasty? Have you fallen into a cesspit?" Edward furrowed his brows and looked at the dirty mud on her with disgust. Who would think that she was the aloof and arrogant female colonel with her excessively messy look?

"Um… I…I didn't have time to get back to the army base to clean myself. You can pretend that you didn't see me. But why is Justin here?" Daisy said as she stepped back. She feared that he might see the wounds on her if she was too close to him.

"Why? Of course, he's playing his role as your spy. He came here to watch me when you were out. What a good son! Aren't you moved by him?" Edward teased with a sneer. The more he looked at her, the deeper he frowned. He was a germaphobe. Fortunately, it was Daisy, he would have thrown the person out already if it were someone else.

"Huh! Is our son always taking my side depressing you?" Daisy felt very happy upon hearing Edward's complain. It was good to have such a considerate son!

"I'm not depressed by that. But if you stay here unwashed, I will not only get depressed. I will also go crazy." Edward stared at her. 'Huh! What is she looking so smug about? Wait until I make her pregnant with a baby girl and see whose side our daughter will take after she grows up, ' Edward thought.

"Okay, I will go to wash." Daisy would never expect that her careless words tonight would cause her a big trouble later. She would have to compete for Edward's favor with their daughter. That would be embarrassing. More, she would always be pissed off and have nowhere to shed her tears.

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