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   Chapter 791 What A Bastard You Are, Duke (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6338

Updated: 2018-12-30 00:28

"No. We need to face the problem and fix it. I don't like us staying skeptical about each other. There's going to be a conflict between us and I don't want that happen." It was better to fix their problem the soonest. It should never be left behind because it might accumulate into a something bigger, just like a snowball. That was the last thing Belinda would like to see.

"Okay. Let me ask you this, why didn't you tell me that Rachel Qin talked to you once? Why didn't you show her who you really are and why did you let her insult you with money?" Duke finally spoke out his thoughts. He was not the type of man who did things carelessly and he liked being straightforward. It was only with things related to Belinda that he became overcautious and indecisive.

"Did she tell you that? Oh, I should have expected it. But does it really matter?" The reason why Belinda decided not to tell him about the dinner-meeting was that she did not want him to have a bad impression of her. If she told him, he might think that she was a narrow-minded woman who liked being unreasonably fussy over unimportant things. She never thought of that situation as something important and took care of it easily. There was no need to bother him. But what Duke said just now made her begin doubting herself. Did she do it wrong?

"Does it matter? I am the reason for this fuss, right? You are allowed to reason-out to me, talk to me and even find faults with me as long as there's one second at least that you are still considering me as your husband. But take a look at you. You act as if nothing happened. I haven't even seen a sign of sadness or anger from you. Why is that? I must be a nobody and there's probably no space for me in your life. You just simply don't care about me, Belinda."

Duke said with his eyes closed. Many said that women were the more sensitive ones when it came to relationships

ean it, really. You don't need to care about my feeling." Belinda sniffed. Fine! Let it break in all its fury! She was ready for it. And she really did not care.

Duke stood still and looked at her for a few seconds. Then without any word, he held the back side of her head and kissed her on the lips. Pity? Love? Or deep affection? It did not matter for Belinda. There was nothing but Duke and him alone inside her heart and mind. His passionate touch on her made her thrilled. Was this his answer? "I love you." Duke's panting and sexy voice sounded in Belinda's ears, as if a gentle faint breeze brushed through her heart. A great shock emerged in her mind and she almost was about to lose her consciousness. Tears poured out of her eyes. Belinda stood on tiptoe and kissed his lips back without any technique. She wanted him to feel her pain and grievance she had all these days through the kiss.

God blessed her love by making her act abnormally. Duke did not stop her crazy action. He just accepted all her kisses in silent and responded to her passion despite the pain from her heavy kiss. Well, well, well. He should not go out tomorrow because he really had no idea how to explain the hurt on his lips to others. It was going to be extremely awkward.

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