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   Chapter 790 What A Bastard You Are, Duke (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6443

Updated: 2018-12-30 00:18

Duke was still quiet. The frown on his brow went deeper. Other people would think that he was making trouble out of nothing, but he just could not control himself. People who already fell in love would always keep an eye on their beloved. They were always concerned about their beloved's daily life and a subtle action from their love could easily turn their moods around. Duke was in such a situation now.

Belinda became more certain about her guess upon getting no response. However, she stayed looking at his back instead of walking away. The soft chilly breeze in late autumn swept over her naked back and made her feel a bit cold. It was nothing compared with the anxiety in her heart though. She was not even sure if she was the one Duke would like to talk with. She was always doubtful if there would be a time when he would share his real thoughts with her. Nevertheless, she was still hopeful. She was looking forward to his response. A warm glance would be enough for her. She was not the greedy kind.

She couldn't tell what she was really eager for in her heart. Knowing that Duke had a cold personality and that he was a non-expert in expressing his feelings like other men, Belinda decided to walk towards him step by step. She was not asking for too much. All she wanted that time was for him to turn, take a step towards her and welcome her at least.

Belinda never considered herself to be an ordinary woman who would rely on a man for happiness. She did not even bother to get involved in love stuff. Those things changed since she met Duke Leng. She felt that she became a more ordinary woman. She cared about everything that concerned him, worried about him at the sight of his deep frown, and felt happy for the whole day just because of his slight smile. That was totally different from the former Belinda.

It was tough for someone to make another person fall in love with him/her. But Belinda had a h

with things. Yes, indeed, she loved him but it did not mean that he could ridicule her as he liked. She felt offended.

"Do you think I am being meaninglessly critical just because of the dress? If yes, then you still have a long way to go to understand what kind of person I am." Duke closed his eyes and opened them again. The dress was just a blasting fuse. What he minded the most was the fact that she did not treat him as her husband. What made him even more unhappy was how she always managed and endured everything by herself instead of sharing those with him. How he wished she could open to him and seek comfort and safety sometimes.

"Ok, that's fine! Then tell me why are you angry? What's the real reason?" Belinda did not let go of him. Her hand was still grasping his wrist firmly. She did not think that it was a wise idea to let him go and make things worse. Sometimes you could not just escape and refuse to face the problem. You had to face it sooner or later.

"Fine, forget it! Probably I am a little bit narrow-minded. Leave me alone. I need some time and space to calm down. Maybe I'll get through it later." Would he really get through it later? Actually, Duke got no clue. He had spent the whole day thinking about it but failed to come up with anything.

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