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   Chapter 789 What A Bastard You Are, Duke (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6564

Updated: 2018-12-29 00:53

"What a smart woman you are, my Colonel Ouyang. You guessed it correctly straightway. Yes, I was flirting with a beautiful woman just now." Edward cozily nestled himself into the soft bed as a soft smile rested on his face. He wondered whether Duke would get angry after finding out that Edward called him a woman.

"Wow. Congratulations to you! You are so considerate to comfort someone else's wife late at night." Daisy's smile grew wider as she teased him. He must be treading on the air. Did he really believe that she would feel jealous about his words? Too innocent.

"Someone else's wife? Are you implying that I am flirting with a married woman?" Edward frowned slightly. Since when did his wife become so sharp-toothed? She was not like the former Daisy.

"Well, I didn't say that. I just helped you finish your words." She had not meant to call him but still decided to dial his number when she found time. She thought of his sensitivity as a "prince" and knew that he would get unhappy with her should she not call him.

"Denying? That's not what a good soldier is supposed to do, Colonel Ouyang." Daisy seemed to be assured that he would not get angry with her and that he would not be interested with other women. She was very casual and was not even afraid that her words might offend him. How confident she was! However, it was something he couldn't do anything about as it was him who gave her such courage. He loved her with all his heart and that was the real score.

"Mr. Mu, have you forgotten what you have said before? Let me refresh your memory a little. You said that I was your wife before I was a soldier. So I am talking with you as a wife instead of a soldier. I could surely say whatever I want as a wife, right? Do you have any comments now?" Daisy preened herself with her excellent excuse. Yes, she made it! Edward would never anticipate that what he had said could be used against him. She was really clever to take advantage

e couldn't even name.

"I forgot it." Duke replied in a cold tone without even turning to her. He was distant as he remained staring in the dark. Belinda felt her heart cracked a bit. She knew that she must have made him unhappy. She tried to recall all the things she did to him recently but failed to find a clue.

"What happened to you? You seem to be unhappy today. Is there anything wrong in the company?" Belinda bit her lips a little. How she wished to hug his waist from behind. It was just that the cold atmosphere around him made her hesitate. She was afraid that he might push her away.

"No. You can just leave me alone and do your thing!" Actually, Duke was not waiting for any fancy or beautiful words from her. All he wanted was her embrace. A gentle hug from her would be enough. He was just like a kid in this respect.

"Is it not appropriate to talk about it with me? Or is it about me?" Belinda was exceedingly sensitive as a female. She was actually gentle and soft inside even if she spoke like a man most of the times. She sensed that Duke was acting unusual tonight. His refrained anger and unhappiness made her feel worried and she couldn't help but think that she got something to do with it. She did not know what it was but she just could sense it. She trusted her instinct.

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