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   Chapter 786 Haunting Us All The Time (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7608

Updated: 2018-12-29 00:28

"I am fine. I just have some small scratches. It is no big deal. I will deal with them when we go back tomorrow. You don't need to worry about me. The most important task at hand is to make sure these drug dealers don't get away until the police arrive, " ordered Daisy calmly. It was still early, so there should be enough time for the police to come and arrest the dealers before it grew dark. It would be better if they could transfer them to Mr. Yi, the director of the police station, today itself. She did not want to wait until tomorrow. Too many unpredictable things could happen in between.

"Don't worry! They have all been tied up. Those who are injured may still suffer a bit though. The military medics could only give them a simple treatment for their wounds. The bleeding has been stopped. But they will have to wait until they get to the hospital to take the bullets out by surgery, " reported Mark. Though they had just undergone an intense battle, he was quite enthusiastic. The Colonel had once again done a great job. Her merits were earned by her excellent abilities. Who could still disapprove of her title?

"Did you ask for the ambulance too when you called Mr. Yi?" asked Daisy, frowning deeply. Apparently, she hadn't thought as far as Mark had. All she could wonder at was how lucky she had been this time that she was still alive. It was not like she feared death much. But her life didn't merely belong to herself, but also to her beloved Edward. She couldn't afford to lose it since that would break his heart utterly.

"Yes, Colonel! I've mentioned that already. Shall I ask the military medic to take a look at your wounds too?" asked Mark. He was concerned about Daisy's wounds, but he didn't want to see an angry Edward either. He was already imagining how mad Edward would be when he got to know Daisy had been hurt again. Every time she got injured, he grew frosty and truly acted like a demon from hell.

"Not yet. It does not matter. I will deal with them when I get back, " answered Daisy. Her emotionless face was still covered with oil paint from their training. It was hard to figure out what she was feeling. But Mark had been her comrade for so long, he could see that she was exhausted.

"Maybe you should take some rest inside

at might need your assistance, we will call you. We will be in contact, " Mr. Yi replied humbly. He had always been deferential with Daisy every time they met, both because of her military ranking and her patriotic attitude. She was indeed a responsible officer who completed all her missions perfectly. Mr. Yi believed that Colonel Ouyang was a lady who demanded respect.

"Of course. I will be cooperative, " Daisy said. When Mr. Yi left with the arrested drug dealers, she finally got some quietude back. There would be a report to write regarding today's event when she got back. She sighed deeply. She frankly did not like that part of the job. They were only formalities without any meaning to them. No one would ever read those reports. What a waste of time!

As the police cars roared to life and headed out, the wicked drug dealers and their goods were gone with them too. But Daisy could not feel complete relief. She knew drugs would never fully disappear from the world. People could easily earn much profit by trading them. As long as there were people who worshiped money, there would be many other Shuras in the future. Just like what he said, people like him only cared about getting lucky and receiving the coin, while someone else's future could be thrown under the bus for all they cared. Human beings were selfish. Each one of us was, to some extent. But it all depended on how badly we craved for things that didn't belong to us, and to what degree we were willing to sacrifice to get to them.

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