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   Chapter 785 Haunting Us All The Time (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7529

Updated: 2018-12-29 00:44

"What?! You're THE female colonel?! It is said that it was you who arrested Hawk. Is that true?" asked Shura. He was stumped. Feeling a little intimidated, he sighed deeply to himself. Was this his destiny? Was he going to die by this woman's hands today? Hawk was much stronger than Shura. If he hadn't managed to escape this girl, Shura could not manage to do it at all! Plus, everything was on her side at the moment. There was just no opportunity for him to turn the tide in his favor. Looking at how she had knocked down all his entourages just minutes ago, it would be too stupid not to admit she had great abilities. She could easily take him down in a split second.

"No, you are mistaken. I was the one who executed his arrest. But I only did it in accordance with the law of our country. Now, I am here to arrest you for the same reason. You violated the law, so I have to do what it tells me to do. It's my responsibility to keep our country safe. But it's not for me to decide whether or not to sentence you. I am only the executor, " explained Daisy calmly. She couldn't risk relaxing at all. She must stay alert and keep caution until everything was settled. Just like the time when Edward had been shot, being careless in front of her opponent was deadly. If she wanted to avoid getting anyone harmed again, she could never be too circumspect. The same mistake could not be allowed twice. She would not allow Shura any opportunity to fight back again.

"What if I give you money? Lots and lots of money, so much that you wouldn't even be able to count it. Would you release me then?" asked Shura, with a sliver of hope in his heart. He tried to induce Daisy with his dirty money. He thought she must have chosen to become a military officer only because of penury. She shouldn't be able to resist the allure of so much money! She would probably take his bribery. What he didn't know was that Daisy already had so much money that she didn't even get a chance to spend. She would never be able to use up the pool of wealth at her disposal even in her entire life.

"The one thing I detest most in life is drugs. And people like you, who traffic them, are even more abominable! Do you even know how many good families are destroyed because o

ore he could pull the trigger, however, Daisy made her shot without any hesitation. A bullet hit Shura's right wrist with precision. Before he could react to the hit, she rushed over to subdue him. It was all over just in an instant. Daisy was covered with cold sweat all over. If she had been even a second slower, the person lying on the ground would have been her. Fortunately, her eyes had been closely tracking his movements all the time, just in case of such an accident. Her well-trained battle skills were like conditioned reflexes now, and that had earned her precious time to always be one step ahead of Shura.

Finally, after the fight had ended, the other soldiers rushed over and captured the drug traffickers immediately. Most of them were badly injured. Another mission had been completed successfully. Without even affecting their training session, they had managed to arrest a group of drug traffickers and seized five kilograms of heroin, as well as a total of one million and six hundred thousand US dollars. That was a petrifying number!

"Colonel, you have been hurt. Shall we end this training session now?" Mark asked with worry in his voice upon returning to the combat area. Who would have thought they would run into a group of drug traffickers in a simple field survival training? Everyone was caught by surprise, though luckily, they had not been unprepared. Based on the number of drugs they had been carrying, this must have been a notorious group of drug traffickers!

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