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   Chapter 784 Haunting Us All The Time (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7630

Updated: 2018-12-29 00:28

However, after a long search, Daisy still couldn't find a trace of Shura. It occured to her that unlike Yama, Shura would be familiar with the topography on these hills, so he knew very well where to hide. Otherwise, he couldn't have disappeared completely into the wild in such a short time.

Daisy stopped and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Looking around, she realized that she would never find Shura if she searched so aimlessly. She had to stabilize her mind promptly, get her reasoning back and come up with a better idea somehow.

Suddenly, the sight of a blood stain on the ground beneath her caught her attention. She bent over and scratched it with her forefinger, confirming that it had been left there freshly. A thoughtful look crept upon her face, that soon blossomed into a faint smile. This was the breakthrough she needed. She at last had a clue, even if it was a minute one. Daisy dashed in the direction of the blood stains. If she wasn't wrong, this blood stain must belong to one of the drug dealers she had shot earlier. If she pursued the trail of blood, she might get to Shura. Her judgment proved to be right. As she followed the blood stained path, soon enough, she caught the sight of Shura. But Shura had also seen her at the same time. Without wasting a moment, he turned around and aimed his gun at her fiercely. The rain of bullets forced her to hide behind a big tree. She couldn't risk her life here.

"What a fucking bitch! Why is she trying so hard to arrest us?! No matter where we go, she chases us! She is like a ghost, haunting us all the time!" cursed Shura angrily. "Listen! You all be strong now! Don't be softhearted sissies! This is no time for morals! So what if she is a woman, I don't need your tenderness right now! Use your weapons! Do not save your energy for me! The mercy you show her will only get us death! Understood?!" Shura had thought that he would be able to run away from the mountains, since he knew the place very well. He had not thought that Daisy would be so good at her job that it would only take her minutes to catch up to him. Now, being chased by her, he couldn't be as optimistic. It would be that much harder to get away.

Meanwhile, Daisy adjusted her breath. After a long exhalation, she was prepa

d end. But she still needed to be extremely vigilant until they were all arrested, just in case of any emergencies. Thinking of that time when Edward had almost gotten himself killed, she felt the dread in her veins. She had learned that lesson and from then on, had been cautious to a fault, even after she had emerged the winner in a battle. She would never allow herself to make that same mistake again. She couldn't afford to lose Edward's life, nor her own. She held her pistol high, aiming at Shura's head as her forefinger lay on the trigger. She could pull the trigger at any moment if it became necessary. Pointing her pistol directly at him, she approached him step by step.

"You! Who the hell are you?!" asked Shura, his voice trembling with fear. He tried hard to cover up his shakiness, but anyone could detect the panic in his eyes. As Daisy got closer to him, he couldn't help but step back and keep his distance from her. It wasn't like he didn't want to shoot her, but there was no bullet left in his pistol. His life was completely in her hands now. He felt powerless.

"Daisy Ouyang from the S City Garrison Headquarters. You still feel like escaping now?" replied Daisy coldly. At the same time, she began picking up the guns that had been dropped behind by the drug dealers when she had shot them. They were just injured, not dead. There was still the possibility that they could move about and fire a shot at her back when she was not watching. If she was not careful, she could easily get hurt.

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