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   Chapter 783 Haunting Us All The Time (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7829

Updated: 2018-12-29 00:02

Sweating heavily, Mark sprinted in the Colonel's direction. There had been another emergency. Being a military man, he had experienced a lot of emergency situations like this one. He had also been trained to perfection to always be prepared for such urgent events, but he still needed to pay careful attention each time. Especially since he was Daisy's entourage, the missions they accepted were always dangerous. Being an outstanding female officer and the youngest colonel in S city, Daisy was famous for her bravery. She liked challenges, so she always forced herself to face more and more perilous tasks. She tried her level best to complete them without considerations for her own safety. It had gained her merits but also put her life under threat more times than she could count. Mark could never be too careful when it came to the Colonel. Knowing her so well, he knew he needed to hurry or the Colonel would be in danger again if he was even a minute late. On his way there, he heard a loud gunshot echo through the hills. Mark started sweating profusely. His hair stood on end and his entire body went rigid. The situation was worse than he had thought! The Colonel must be in extreme danger. In the previous situations, Colonel had been harmed when he had not been there by her side. This time, he couldn't bear to think of her being injured again when he was so close. Besides, Edward's wrath would be impossible to take if he let his beloved wife get hurt again. So, despite the burning sensation he felt because of the branches and thorns scratching against his skin, he kept running. Several times, he almost stumbled due to the vines under his feet. Still he didn't stop. He found the Colonel eventually. This time at least, he could help her.

Daisy was soon finding herself in hot water. Danger seemed to surround her as the bullets kept shooting at her from all directions. She had to change her hiding places continuously in order to save her life. Even though she had great combating skills and was agile enough to change positions, the bullets kept flying at her mercilessly. Even a small and nimble rabbit couldn't have avoided being shot by so many bullets under the circumstances. Several times, Daisy almost got shot. What was worse was that she didn't even have a weapon to fight back with. The only things she could do

f them, Shura was long gone. Presumably, he had run in the other direction.

"Mark, is it okay for me to leave this here for you? Can you handle this?" asked Daisy. Her entire body was covered with weeds and mud. Daisy could not be described as elegant in that moment. However, she held a different type of countenance. She might be beautiful, iron-strong and powerful, but none of these words would be accurate enough to describe her. Perhaps, one could only say that she looked proud and mighty like a goddess.

"Yes, Colonel! You be careful too!" answered Mark in affirmation. He didn't care to pay much attention to a drug trafficker, but the safety of his Colonel was of the highest priority.

"Of course! I know how to protect myself. I'll be careful, " replied Daisy, assuring him. She didn't want him to worry too much about her. She followed a path in a different direction to see if she could find Shura. She could tell without even taking a look at herself that there were a lot of small wounds on her body - lesions that were scratched and stabbed at by the thorny vines. She deeply felt the prickling sensation on her skin, especially since she was sweating heavily. The salt from her sweat increased the pain even more. Ignoring the uncomfortable feeling, Daisy focused on the task at hand. In any case, these were just minor wounds that were neither serious nor too important. She had experienced more severe ones before. As a military officer, she was used to them. It was part and parcel of her job. Her performance should not be affected.

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