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   Chapter 782 Accidentally Encountering Drug Dealers (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7473

Updated: 2018-12-28 00:54

"There is no need to do that. I trust you. We know each other so well." Shura forced out a laugh. As he said that, he glanced at the footman next to him and motioned for him to check the money. Yama was not angry at Shura's behavior, but looked at him contemptuously.

At the moment, Daisy was secretly estimating their positional whereabouts and the number of weapons they might be carrying with them. If her guess was correct, the drug dealers must have guns with them. 'Can I beat them alone? Thank God! I have a communicator with me!' Daisy thought. She took out the communicator silently and slowly put it to her mouth to call Mark. The small but stealthy movement in the bushes caught the attention of the drug traffickers.

"Who is there?" One footman pulled out the pistol on his waist and walked toward Daisy step by step. All of a sudden the others readied themselves, prepared to fight.

Daisy silently regretted that she hadn't spoken a little more softly to notify Mark. If she had turned down her voice, they wouldn't have found her. 'What should I do? Mark can't be here immediately. Can I take out all these drug dealers alone? I can't move faster than a bullet. But it has already happened. I have no choice but to face it bravely, ' Daisy thought. Daisy decided to fight them face to face. Although she knew it could get brutal, she wouldn't be as unlucky to get hurt this time.

Daisy held her breath and waited for them to reach her. When the footman was close by, she suddenly raised herself from her squatting position and swiftly knocked the gun out of his hands. She kicked him in the chest immediately afterward. Then, Daisy slipped onto the grass and knocked down the other footman. Daisy acted in the blink of an eye to beat the two footmen without the drug dealers realizing it. She was indeed a strong Colonel.

"Damn it! They found us? Take this person down! If we are caught, we will all be sentenced to death. We have to catch this guy! Quick!" Though Yama ferociously said this, he was prepared to stealthily run into the nearby bushes. However, Daisy could not let him slip away. Daisy quickly ran over to Yama without a second thought and succeeded in stopping him. Fortunately, the drug dealers

n it, someone seems to be heading here. Hurry up! Shoot her if there's no other choice." Yama's ears perked up as he heard a rustle of footsteps approaching them. He knew that the big forces on the mountain were coming this way. But he felt no need to worry any more. He might as well fight them with all his might!

"Right, let's see how tough she is." The footmen grew excited when they heard what Yama said. They felt that if they had opened fire sooner, they might have escaped by now.

Daisy's?heart?seemed?to?block?her?throat. She knew she was in great danger now. She had no choice but to face the situation courageously. When she saw the drug dealer pull out his pistol, she quickly rolled into the thorny weed heap and kept out of the way of the bullet. Even though the bullet did not graze Daisy, she did not let her guard down and quickly hid behind a big tree. There was no time to care for her wounded skin.

"Shura, let's split up so we can escape easier. You guys can stay behind." Yama didn't have time to take the money in the plastic woven bags or the Heroin in the straw basket. Right then, the most important thing was to keep himself alive. He reminded himself of the popular saying - 'Where there is life, there is hope.'

Daisy began to worry when she heard them leaving. At that point, several people had their guns aimed at her, so it was tough for her to run out and refrain them from escaping. She grew extremely anxious. Daisy had no way of stopping them.

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