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   Chapter 781 Accidentally Encountering Drug Dealers (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7619

Updated: 2018-12-28 00:54

Daisy looked toward the sky and saw that it was already noon. It seemed that due to her efforts, the soldiers were not acting as timid as before. At their current pace, they would be able to climb over the mountain and reach their next destination this afternoon.

"Colonel, where have you been?" Mark asked anxiously as he saw Daisy return to the command area.

"Oh! Something came up. What happened?" Daisy pursed her lips and swallowed a few sips of water. The sultry weather and the battle had made her sweat all over.

"Well, some villagers went into the mountain while we were not looking. I was afraid they would accidentally get hurt by our soldiers." As Mark said this, he thought, 'I've got soldiers at the entrance to the mountain. How did the villagers slip in anyway?'

"Don't they know that this is a military drill base? I can't believe it! Arrange for some soldiers to find them, or we're done for." Daisy frowned and thought, 'Is there something wrong with my plan? Why don't the soldiers follow my orders?'

"Okay, Colonel. We will figure it out." As soon as Mark said that, he sprinted quickly to fulfill the orders. However, he didn't know if he could find the villagers in time.

Daisy felt very uneasy somehow. This had never happened before. People living nearby always knew this was a military training base, so they never rushed into the mountain. It could be that those who had entered the mountain were not natives, so they did not know that outsiders were not allowed in.

The waiting period was extremely long. Daisy not only feared that the villagers could be accidentally injured by her soldiers, she was also afraid that the entire training program would get compromised. Both outcomes were undesirable to Daisy. She hoped fervently that Mark would find the villagers as soon as possible. Although real bullets were not used during the training, the soldiers could use force. The villagers could fortuitously get hurt.

As the clock ticked by, Daisy waited long without hearing from Mark. So she put on her hat again and marched into the thick forest. To increase the difficulty of the training, many small traps had been set up in the forest. The longer the villagers stayed inside, the more likely they were to be in danger. If they acc

lgesic effect is 4 to 8 times that of morphine. Heroin has been widely used in anesthesia and analgesia in medicine. However, people are easily prone to be addicted to Heroin, and experience difficulties in giving it up. Long-term use of the drug destroys the immune function, resulting in damage to the main organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, etc. Injecting and smoking Heroin can also spread diseases such as AIDS. Historically, Heroin was used as a psychotropic drug for quitting morphine and finally, it was designated as a harmful recreational drug because of its excessive side effects. Therefore, Heroin, known as the king of the drug world, is one of the most dangerous drugs that is strictly monitored and banned in China.'

"It seems pretty good. Is the price the same?" Yama dipped some heroin into his hand and licked it with his lips. A satisfied expression spread on his face. It was not difficult to see he was satisfied with the goods.

"Yes, the same price. I told you, you would be happy with my goods." Listening to Yama's words, Shura was delighted. He would be making a fortune soon.

"Here you are. This is your reward. You may check and see if the number is correct, " Yama said. He motioned to a footman next to him to throw a plastic woven bag over to Shura. Judging by the woven bag and straw basket, the rebels had obviously been very careful in their disguises as ordinary villagers. Unfortunately for them, however, Daisy had discovered their whereabouts despite their cautiousness.

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