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   Chapter 780 Greedy (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6525

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"It's none of your business and that is not true. You think Belinda is as vain as you are? Next time, consider well who you plan on bribing before offering them money. Just in case you make a fool of yourself again." Duke moved toward the exclusive elevator as soon as he finished his last sentence, leaving Rachel standing alone in the parking lot.

Belinda, Belinda, Belinda. That name was all he mentioned. What was so special about her? Why was she so important to Duke? Rachel wondered, 'Why does he hate me so much? What can I do to change his mind?' It seemed difficult. But she wouldn't give up so easily. She would persist as long as there was even a trace of hope. Once again, she mustered all her courage and confidence to start plotting. She would make Duke choose her over Belinda in the end. He had to.

Duke stood against the back of the elevator with his eyes closed. He was frustrated. After everything that had apparently happened last evening, Belinda had remained calm when they were together. She hadn't even been angry at him. Did he mean anything at all to her? How could she mention nothing to him after a woman had acted so insultingly toward her?

He sighed quietly. All the sweetness and romance from the night seemed ironic now. Maybe it had been a one-sided affair. Maybe it had just been him who had been moved at that moment. He felt so silly.

Duke walked into his office with a long face. His good mood had deflated. The entire morning, everyone within a five hundred meter radius could sense that the boss was upset. Not one employee dared to speak loudly, afraid it would cause him to have an outburst. It was so quiet that one would be able to hear a pin drop.

Hero had been in a coma after the operation. Daisy was about to give up hope when she got a call from Tom saying he had finally come around. That was exciting news indeed. Daisy was much relieved. She wanted to pay him a visit, but she was in the mid

and defending was a waste of time and wouldn't help them win.

The quiet battle field became dynamic. Daisy was involved in the fight too. Too hard to combat with, she soon became the target of the soldiers, leaving her no chance to sneak back to the commanding zone. Both sides saw her as an enemy from the opposing side. It seemed like she had gotten herself into trouble. But she wasn't mad about it. A big smile spread on her face from the thrill of it.

Although the camouflaging oil covered her face, her glamor wasn't undermined at all. Among the soldiers, she was still the highlight of the fight. She knew how to cover herself and managed to retreat from the field. It was the soldiers' show time after all. The battle would be long and exhausting. The soldiers had to defend themselves and find their food at the same time. Daisy was waiting to see which side would win at long last.

It was daytime now. The situation would get harder for them when it got dark. Daisy hoped they could climb over the mountain as soon as possible. Next, they would have to go on a slope, which was favorable for night marching. Then the danger would be reduced.

Daisy assumed that neither of the two sides would risk lighting a fire, which would expose themselves to their enemy and get them killed.

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