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   Chapter 776 Leave With Nothing (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7746

Updated: 2018-12-28 00:18

"No. You're thinking too much. Okay, then! I'll wait for you at the Crystal Cinema." Belinda hung up as soon as she spoke, afraid that he would suddenly back out on her. She knew that it was a luxury to have Duke watch a movie in the cinema with her. She wasn't going to miss what might be her only chance to do so.

Duke looked at his phone and shook his head before putting back it into his pocket. He clicked his car key and got into the Spyker C8, driving towards the location Belinda gave him.

The place Belinda had chosen was in the middle of the city, so it only took her several minutes to get there. Then she took the time to buy the tickets while waiting for Duke to arrive. After glancing through the romance and action movie titles, she decided to go for a thrilling horror movie. A romantic movie wasn't proper for them to watch together and she didn't like the cast of the action movie.

After getting the tickets, she checked the time. It was nice o'clock. Duke needed about 20 minutes to get here. She thought there was still plenty of time to kill before he arrived, so she bought some popcorn and snacks as the other couples did despite not being fond of the food. She only bought them because they seemed appropriate for the occasion. After all, everyone bought movie snacks at a cinema.

Standing in the busy cinema and looking at the couples coming and going, Belinda felt a lot younger all of a sudden and her cheeks flushed a deep shade of red. Was this their first official date?

She licked her lips and looked down at the tickets in her hands. Considering Duke's social status, she bought VIP private seats. Otherwise, she thought he might leave in the middle of the movie because of the noise. She knew how delicate people like Duke were.

But when she thought of the words Rachel had said to her, she pursed her lips in distaste. She would never give up something she wanted so easily. No one could make her do something unless she wanted to. Duke was the person she wanted to love with all her heart. How could she give him up so easily?

Belinda was an attractive woman with a good figure. It was difficult to avoid gaining attention from the crowd when she was standing all alone, but she didn't notice any of it. The image of her standing in her spot in deep thought was so con

e the entire time, so she didn't notice the simple things he did for her.

"Horrible? Those are just some scenes created by people. What's wrong?" Duke touched his own face when he found Belinda staring at him. He couldn't help feeling a little strange. Was there something on his face?

"Oh! It's nothing. Just watch the movie." Belinda laughed nervously, almost biting her own tongue. She cringed inwardly and berated herself. They were watching a horror movie. Why was she laughing like a fool? She must have looked stupid.

Duke chuckled and kept feeding her without calling her out on it. But now that Belinda was aware, she became self-conscious and almost bit his fingers several times. Duke frowned, a complicated emotion flashing in his eyes. Luckily, they were at the cinema. If they were at home instead, he couldn't sit quietly like a proper gentleman. He would have flung himself upon her already. 'Is this woman doing it on purpose or unintentionally? Doesn't she know how tempting her behavior is?' Duke thought in exasperation.

Frustrating thoughts ran through Duke's mind throughout the whole movie, so he decided to stop feeding her. As a result, Belinda took out all the snacks she bought when they finished watching the movie. It was quite the pity.

As the crowd exited the theater, Belinda was still immersed in the movie. Because she was in a daze, she was almost knocked down by the people around her. Fortunately, Duke took her in his arms in time. It was his duty as a husband to protect his woman from harm.

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