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   Chapter 775 Leave With Nothing (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8567

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"Miss Qin, would you tell him about this if you were in my shoes? I don't think so. If that's the case, do you think I would do such a stupid thing?" Belinda replied casually, shooting her a disapproving look. Her response implied that the despicable person she was referring to was the woman in front of her.

"You awful woman! I'll tell Duke about your hypocrisy!" Rachel found it harder and harder to control Belinda. The woman remained calm no matter what she said to her. There wasn't a trace of panic on Belinda's face. Her constant composure caught Rachel completely off guard.

"I'd be glad of it. You'd better take the 50 million check with you too. While you're at it, you might as well tell him that what I want is the Leng Group and that I could care less about the money, " Belinda scoffed, throwing the check back to Rachel. Did Rachel think she was an idiot? Anybody with a brain wouldn't give up being the wife of a president for a mere check. Did Rachel think she was out of her mind? Why else would she make a fuss about it?

"Belinda, you're being too arrogant! Do you really think I won't do it?" Rachel said through clenched teeth. Her eyes were filled with hatred and viciousness, as if she wanted to kill Belinda on the spot.

"No. I definitely know you will, or you wouldn't try to use the check to make me back down. All I have to say about this is: don't make a fool of yourself, you should evaluate your actions before asking someone to give up on something." As the president of the YS Group, Belinda wondered what made her look like she was in dire need of money for Rachel to offer her a meager 50 million check to send her away.

"Without you, Duke would make his way back to me because he loved me a lot in the past. I doubt he feels any love for you at all!" Rachel exclaimed with a sudden surge of confidence and superiority.

"As you said, he loved you. It's all in the past. He no longer feels the same way about you. Do you really think I have no place in his heart?" Belinda always disliked self-righteous people who considered themselves above everyone else. They always thought that the world revolved around them, and that everyone else just played a secondary role in their story. Rachel was the epitome of this kind of person.

"You don't even need to ask. If he really loved you, he would have given you a job in his company instead of watching you work for someone else, " Rachel said, looking sideways at Belinda with a sneer. The sheer contempt she felt for Belinda was evident in her glare.

Belinda scoff

his wrist to check the time. It was exactly eight o'clock. They still had time to watch a movie.

"Hey, Mr. Leng, are you sure you want to watch a movie with me in a crowded cinema instead of watching 3D at home?" Although Belinda was surprised at Duke's invitation, she was looking forward to going out with him. They had a flash marriage. They never went out on dates or appeared affectionate in public. No wonder Rachel said they didn't get married out of love. It was a cruel fact.

"Sure. Where are you? I'll come meet you." Actually, Duke hadn't intended to ask Belinda out. He called her because he suddenly got emotional while he was standing on the balcony alone. He didn't know whom Belinda was meeting tonight. All he knew was that she had an appointment with somebody. He wasn't an autocratic man who restricted his wife's freedom. He readily assented without asking any questions when she went out. After having dinner alone, Duke felt strange and lonely. He couldn't help calling Belinda. He didn't mean to check up on her, he just felt sad all of a sudden. He didn't know when he got so used to her presence, but he felt lost without her at his side.

"Wait, are you feeling all right?" Belinda replied incredulously. Duke was acting strange tonight. It unsettled her a bit.

"I feel perfectly fine. Why are you asking?" Duke asked in astonishment. He walked downstairs as he asked her to elaborate.

"You're acting so strange! You must understand why I'm asking, " Belinda said with a wry smile, bending to get inside her Lotus.

"Woman, are you trying to piss me off?" Duke stopped with a frown. He wanted to spend a romantic evening with her, but she found his behavior strange.

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