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   Chapter 774 Provocation From Rachel (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6667

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"I'd like to hear more about your reason. Why'd you say that?" Belinda got angry of course. Duke and Rachel might have been an item before but those things were already history. What made her confident to order her to leave Duke? It was such an absurd request.

"Because I am the one who fits him the most and stands behind him to support him. I am well-educated and capable in every aspect. I am superior to you in helping him with his work. I am useful to him. Now, you know why. Am I clear enough?" Rachel shot a glance at Belinda conceitedly, her face full of disrespect. She totally ignored Belinda's elegant suit which suggested that Belinda might be a big figure in the business field. How stupid Rachel was to belittle Belinda.

"Now that you are saying you and him are a perfect match, why did you break up with him and leave when you had the chance to be his wife?" Belinda calmed down. She was not going to stoop down to her level. It was not worth it.

"That's something between me and him. You can just leave it alone. Tell me, are you willing to leave him?" Rachel frowned a little. She did not anticipate that Belinda was so difficult to deal with. Belinda was supposed to be a poor and self-contemptuous woman. She was supposed to get frightened by her. The Belinda in front of her did not appear to be such a woman. The woman sitting before her was quite different from what she had thought to be.

"Why should I leave him? Don't you think you are going too far, Miss Qin? It's such a rude request. We're already married and are a real couple as recognized by the law. Well, let us put this fact aside. Even if we were not a couple and were merely dating with each other, you should not be so rude to say that to me! You're totally talking nonsense." Belinda got a little bit serious and angry. Oh God! What a disgusting woman Rachel was! Did she not value herself for much? What was she? A God? How could she think that other people would do whatever she requested?


linda's sight. It was only Rachel's illusion that made the beautiful picture of Duke looking passionately at her.

"Money is the reason why you are not letting go of Duke. Am I right? How about this? What if I give you a large amount of money?

Are you still not willing to give up?" Rachel said and took a cheque. She placed it on Belinda's side to tempt her. She was sure that it was Belinda's first time to see so much money and she would definitely take the money and leave Duke.

"Wow! How generous you are, Miss Qin! 50, 000, 000! What a huge temptation it is! But compared with Leng Group... hmm. Do you think I am that stupid?" How Belinda wished she could lift her face to the heaven and laugh loudly. '50, 000, 000, Duke, my dear Duke Leng. It turns out that you only worth 50, 000, 000 in this woman's mind, ' thought Belinda. She had to say that it was really cheap compared with his social status. She wondered whether he was going to be pissed off to jump a foot in the air once he got to know this funny thing.

"It turns out that you choose to stay with and marry him for Leng Group! You are such a greedy woman. Does Duke know what you are like?" Rachel raged and gritted her teeth. She never expected for Belinda to admit her greed frankly in front of her. She was surprised beyond any reasonable doubt.

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