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   Chapter 773 Provocation From Rachel (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7025

Updated: 2018-12-27 00:53

"Oh, it's you. Why should I meet you in the first place? I don't even think that we are close enough for us to have a need to meet and talk." Belinda quipped. She had gotten angry with Duke because of Rachel for several times. Everything was just bouncing back and turning good now. She was doing well with Duke and their wedding ceremony was about to be held in two days. Thus, she wondered what on earth did they need to talk about.

"Why not? Are you afraid of me? That's why you don't want to see me?" Rachel scoffed. She concluded that Belinda must be born and raised up in a poor family and that she would be too restrained to talk to an elegant woman like her.

"Afraid of you? I don't think so. It's not necessary for me. Don't irritate me with your dares. It won't work on me." Belinda pressed her palm against her brow. Her wedding ceremony was on the horizon and she really did not want any unexpected problems.

"Ms. Shangguan, are you really not curious about the thing between Duke and me? We fell in love so much." Duke was wary of her. So Rachel's original plan was to break Duke's wariness step by step so she could capture his heart gradually. All her efforts were put in vain though in spite of her many attempts. Then she realized that the mission was impossible. Another trick came to her mind though after obtaining Belinda's number. She decided to call, irritate, and hopefully, disappoint her. This way, Belinda would feel hurt and be disappointed at Duke. At that time, she would have a chance to comfort Duke.

"Miss Qin, are you trying to sow discords between me and Duke?" She and Duke might not love each other, but a third party was still definitely not welcome between them. A Rachel Qin would never be a threat.

"Trying to sow discords? Can't you feel it?" Rachel snorted from her nose. She could not believe that Duke fell in love with Belinda. All the superiorities she had all this while would worth to none if he really did. She refused to accept that fact and would go insane.

"As I see it, yes, you are sowing discords. I should be polite at least since yo

ayment when she divorced. Otherwise, she would not be driving a Porsche sports car. Therefore, she really did not care about this money. She could afford it. The large amount of maintenance money she had received was enough for her to live a comfortable life. People always turned to be greedy though. She could have a nice life with the money indeed but it was not enough at all if she intended to live a luxurious life. Duke Leng became her object of attention because he was rich enough to give her everything she wanted. She came back this time mainly for Duke. She had the ambition to be the wife of Leng Group's president.

"Well, fine, if you insist. I am wondering what's your main purpose for inviting me to dinner though? Merely chatting? I don't think so." Belinda asked straight to the point. She was a very direct person and hated being given the runaround.

"What if I want you to leave Duke? What would you do?" Rachel did not conceal her purpose and asked directly. Wow, what an aggressive woman! She was confident about herself. Belinda and Duke were already married officially and had the marriage certificates issued by the government in their hands. As for her? She was just a third party. Oh, no. She was even not qualified to be called a third party because Duke Leng did not have an affair with her at all. Poor Rachel, she did not even realize that fact. How blind she was!

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