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   Chapter 772 Provocation From Rachel (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7090

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"He or she would definitely not be rude if I were talking with someone else. Your assumption does not stand up." Those who pretended to be well-educated yet acted and spoke the opposite were the kind of people Leena hated the most. How misleading she was!

"Young girl, do yourself a favor and don't trust something forever. It's not good for you. Keep this in mind, things change all the time." Louisa teased arrogantly. She took out her card from her purse and passed it to the salesperson. A mocking smile was plastered on her face.

"Thanks for your kind advice but I don't think I need it. I'd like to offer you the same suggestion though. Goodbye." That was a really annoying conversation. It made her completely lose her patience and at the same time, lose her interest in shopping. Maybe she was not supposed to go out today. Otherwise, she would not have met such a disrespectful woman.

"Smart you. Next time, don't linger on things that you can't afford." Louisa believed that it was easy to measure people by judging what they wore or how they looked. She clearly forgot something. As an old Chinese saying goes: the last thing one should not do is judging people with their appearance. Just like what just happened. Little did Louisa know that Leena Leng's property and wealth were definitely far beyond what she could ever own as the commander's daughter.

Leena curved her lips and said nothing. She just stayed silent and turned away. Was Louisa right that she couldn't afford the ear-studs? Of course not. It was not even an exaggeration to say that she was rich enough to buy all the things inside that shop. It was just that she chose to be a low-profile woman. She did not spend too much time talking with the rude lady because she would like to maintain her low-key. Plus, ignoring those situations was what truly elegant women would do.

Louisa was a picture of smug satisfaction when she took the ear-studs and walked out of that shop. She let go of the encounter and forgot about the woman she judged so quickly. She never had a clue that they would meet again in just a few days.

Time slip

watched her surroundings to make sure that there was nobody there. She took her phone out and dialed the number she got from Duke's list.

"Hello! Who's that?" Belinda answered the phone without even taking a look at the calling ID. She took a sip from her coffee then put her mug aside. There were still tons of businesses that she needed to handle even after leaving one-third of the work-loads to Duke. The company had just gone through an expansion period and the work-volume was nothing but stressful. There were lots of responsibilities she had as the CEO.

"Is that Belinda Shangguan, Duke Leng's wife?" Rachel asked hesitantly. She was hoping for the woman's negative reply. She was very reluctant to hear her answer but would still like to confirm if the Belinda she was talking with was the same as Duke's Belinda.

"Yes, this is Belinda Shangguan, Duke Leng's wife. May I know who I am talking to, please." Belinda's alert instinct rose upon hearing the woman's voice on the other end. She turned from being cozy and lazy to extremely concentrated. A woman who mentioned her husband was talking to her. How could she be not curious?

"This is Rachel Qin. I am wondering if you are free tonight, Ms. Shangguan. We probably should meet and have some chats together." Rachel smiled grimly. Belinda Shangguan? She would show something to surprise her. She would make her a poor woman after tonight.

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