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   Chapter 771 Look Like A Whore (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7432

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"What about you, Leena? Have you had lunch?" Daisy worried about her even though Leena owned this place and there was no way she'd be at a loss for anything to eat.

"No, I haven't. So I ordered ahead of time." Leena always had meals alone. She wouldn't miss the chance to have lunch with her close friends.

"So you only come here for food?" Edward frowned. It hurt him to see Kevin run off on some military exercise and leave Leena alone.

"I have no other choice but to come here. I don't bother to cook a single meal. Takeout is cool, " Leena said lightly, not complaining about anything. But to outsiders, it sounded sad. After all, Leena got married at such a young age. On top of it, she married a military officer who couldn't be with her all the time. Maybe it's okay to have a husband who was not as rich as her. But she was sad that she had to live alone, because the loneliness and grief came in waves at night.

"Why don't you move back to the Leng mansion? You don't have to stay at Kevin's apartment since he is not there anyway. Besides, it's not safe for you a girl to live there alone." If it hadn't been for Leena's own wishes, Edward wouldn't have let her marry Kevin. The officer was beneath them. But there was nothing he could do as Leena chose Kevin at her own will. Edward would finally accept Kevin as one of his close friends as long as Kevin was nice to Leena.

"I did. I came back there yesterday to give them the wedding dress." Leena gobbled the food. She was starved as she stayed up very late last night and got up near lunch time, missing her breakfast.

"Oh, the wedding dress is done. Did you design it?" Daisy knew how good Leena was at fashion design. She guessed Leena would design it herself when Belinda told her Leena would be in charge of the wedding dress.

"Oh yeah. That was me! It took a long time to finish. But I guess it's worth it, as you can see, the dress is pretty impressive, " Leena answered after finishing another bite.

"The wedding ceremony is coming up fast. I don't know whether Kevin can finish the exercises in time to attend their wedding." Daisy frowned. She hadn't heard from Kevin and hoped he at least updated Leena on how he was doing.


? Maybe you can just confess that you can't afford them instead of complaining they are outdated. I am sick of you pretending to know diamond studs well." Louisa hastened to retort, otherwise others might really think she knew nothing about fashion.

"Even though I don't have much money to burn, I am way better than some upstarts." Sometimes, fancy clothes couldn't change an ill-educated and rude person into a well-bred one. Louisa proved that to be true.

"I am not nouveau riche! The wealth in my family goes back generations." Louisa was determined to teach Leena a lesson at any cost. It was the first time she confronted someone so eloquent and attacking her using something she really cared about. She didn't know how to retort.

"Lady, listen up. I was saying 'some', not 'you'. You don't have to prove what I said by taking yourself as an example. Otherwise, I guess there is nothing I can do." Leena sneered. The woman was so stupid and so easy to mess with.

"You... bitch! Don't be proud. I am just too kind, letting you talk to me like that. If you had talked to someone else like that, he or she might have beaten you to a pulp!" Louisa gave Leena a stern look. She wanted to slap Leena across her face, but she had to control her temper for her father's sake. If she had met Leena a few years ago, she wouldn't have held back her anger and been unable to beat Leena up like she wanted to. For now, she'd just let her off the hook. It just wasn't worth it.

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