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   Chapter 770 Look Like A Whore (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7789

Updated: 2018-12-27 00:12

"Mr. Mu, don't forget you have previous convictions. Do you think your claims are still believable to me?" Daisy teased him. It was the first time that Daisy made fun of Edward's past which showed she didn't care about it anymore.

"It's okay that you don't believe me. But don't you military officers always rely on evidence? So maybe we can talk about it next time you catch me red-handed." Edward smiled instead of being irritated. He was so charming while smiling and Daisy was enchanted by it even though she saw that smile everyday. It brightened her world.

"Oh we won't need to talk in that case. I'll just shoot you." Daisy gave a brittle laugh. If she hadn't fallen in love with Edward, it wouldn't have mattered to her how many girlfriends Edward had had. But as long as they were in a relationship now, Daisy wouldn't allow another woman to come between them.

"You are so brutal. Okay, Ms. Wilkes." Edward knew that being compared to the psycho-killer in Stephen King's 'Misery' could irk Daisy. Edward pretended to be scared of her, but his heart was full of happiness. Because the more brutal Daisy was the more she cared for him.

"So don't offend me. Or else you just can't bear the consequences, " Daisy said, cocking her eyebrows to look arrogant.

"What would you do to me, Colonel Ouyang? I'm looking forward to being tortured by you, " Edward said with a wicked smile. Daisy was enchanted by his charm and stared at his beautiful face, forgetting to give him a barbed retort.

"You look so hot now that I want to throw you into bed." Edward smirked, being glad to see the woman he loved was enchanted by his charm. Meanwhile, Edward felt confused, not knowing whether Daisy loved him because he was attractive or because he was an outstanding person. But at least he knew Daisy was in love with him and that was enough.

"No way! Edward, you're in a restaurant, not a hotel! Get a room, you two." Leena was in some casual clothes which weren't from any fancy brands and wore her hair down. She looked so lovely, just like the girl next door.

"Leena, you have a gift for bad timing." Edward sighed, shaking his head. It seemed that he was really down.

"I didn't want to be here either! But a waiter told me you guys were here right after I walked in. Then I came up here to say hi to you two. If

She was happy to see the two squabble, which showed they loved each other. Leena was glad to see they were happy, because she viewed them as part of her family. Family should be happy.

"Leena, you know me too well. It seems that you've been deserving of my kindness all these years, " Edward said after taking a sip of water. Actually, he didn't believe there was anyone in the world who was perfectly nice and clean. Everyone had some evil thoughts and the difference between them was that how evil the thought was, and whether they acted on those thoughts.

"Of course I do! I can't say that I am the person who knows you most, but I can usually tell what you're thinking about." Leena was not being boastful. She grew up around them, so she knew what kind of people they were.

"Leena, I see you are the kind of person who bends like a reed with the wind. Now you side with Edward. I shouldn't have placed hope in you." Daisy could see they were really close even though they were not real brother and sister. Their friendship surpassed those limitations, and friends were like family.

"I am sorry, sis! I fell for his trick. Don't be mad at me!" Leena said with a sad look. She was upset to see Edward's trap worked every time.

"Okay, okay. Let's have lunch. Don't you have a meeting this afternoon?" Edward cut in to prevent the upcoming mess. It might be okay to him to deal with one woman. But he'd rather die than get involved in a squabble between two women. Edward was lazy, not bothering to waste his energy on such a minor thing.

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