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   Chapter 769 The Fragrance (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7213

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"Something light? Let me think...Ah, I know just the place! Let me take you there." Edward's smile was mysterious. He hadn't been to The Fragrance for a very long time. Today was just the right time to have lunch there!

"Where are we headed?" He sounded so excited, and it made Daisy become quite interested herself. Where was he taking her this time?

"Well, you'll know when we get there." Edward just smiled his secret smile, setting his GPS for the restaurant, offering few details to Daisy.

"Huh. It seems that it must be a special restaurant. Or you wouldn't be this smug right now." Daisy glanced at him and saw the smugness he couldn't bother to hide on his face. Well, for a grown man, he was quite childish sometimes. And she secretly loved this side of him.

"Well, I can only tell you that I'm sure you will be satisfied." Edward was quite confident about this. Because he believed that she wouldn't dislike something he liked. To be honest, he believed that they had similar tastes.

"Uh-huh, I sure hope so. Or I'm going to tease you mercilessly." Daisy playfully smiled and teased him back. Now in front of Edward, she was more and more like the girl she was. But there was still a trace of aloofness she couldn't get rid of. The combination drove Edward mad with desire, and he fought hard to suppress his urges.

He heard her, but Edward just smiled at her and didn't say another word. Because he knew that this kind of thing would never happen to him. He was confident in himself.

It wasn't until they arrived at The Fragrance that Daisy realized why Edward would be so smug just now. She really liked the decor here, as it gave off a feeling of simplicity and elegance. It was definitely the kind of restaurant she would choose herself.

"Ah, this restaurant looks really nice. I wonder how the food is here." Daisy's face was full of expectation. Just looking at the pictures of the dishes on the menu was enough to make her feel hungry. She looked around the place, her eyes settling on one specific spot. The koi swimming in the artificial pond was almost hypnotic.

"I'm sure that you won't be disappointed at all. Don't

ealous, deadly lioness.

"Huh! Colonel Ouyang, it seems that you really know nothing about men! If I were really going to cheat on you, why would I even let you know about it? I'd definitely hide it." Edward shook his head, feeling amused. It looked like his little wife was also a jealous type just like him. They were indeed a matched couple after all. But why did he feel so happy about her threats? Was he such a masochist? Or was he just happy that her words showed him how much she cared about him? He didn't know the answer.

"Well, you talk like you already have some other woman besides me. So tell me the truth." Although deep in Daisy's heart, she knew he wouldn't do such a cruel thing to her, she couldn't help but tease him with this. Well, it was a payback for his teasing earlier. It was infuriating and endearing at the same time that he liked to tease her and she would fall for it every single time.

"Of course not! Jeez you're paranoid! You're already a handful. How would I find the time and energy to entertain other women? Perish the thought. Besides, I got you, didn't I? Why would I ever need anyone else?" Of course Edward knew that she was just being playful, so he didn't really mind or get angry at her. He just kept looking at her with a small smile on his face. And his eyes were full of love and endearment reserved only for her. God, he really loved her so much that it hurt. How was this possible?

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