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   Chapter 768 The Fragrance (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7815

Updated: 2018-12-26 03:31

As a woman, whether you were successful or not didn't depend on your status or your methods of achieving goals, but whether there was a man who loved you to death, who would do anything for you without hesitation and consistently show his love for you.

"Now you're being mean! You did it intentionally!" Daisy puckered her lips, and plaintively rolled her eyes at him. Edward really liked this side of her, it seemed that she had let all her guard down in front of him, and she was content to be the little woman she was in his eyes.

"Can you blame me? You are so easy and so fun to tease. I just can't help myself! Well, you are a colonel, you should easily see through my tricks. But instead, you fall for it every time. My silly girl." Her hand was in his, their fingers intertwined. He lightly caressed the skin of her finger with the pad of his thumb. Suddenly, he couldn't help but wonder, if he had not met this woman beside him in this life, would he have fallen for another woman like he did now?

Time passed slowly in silence. When the lights in the operating room were finally out, it was already an hour later. But fortunately, Daisy was with Edward, someone she deeply loved, so the long wait was more bearable than she expected.

"Tom! You're finally done! How did it go?" Daisy asked, once she saw Tom emerge from the OR. She sounded excited, and slightly agitated.

"The operation was quite successful. But now, he's on his own now. It all depends on whether he can recover or not. We need to give him time to heal." Tom felt pretty tired after the operation. During the entire surgery he found out that Hero's condition was not as good as he had expected. Fortunately, he had prepared for the worst, so all in all, this operation was quite successful.

"Thank you so much, Tom. Every time we run into some problems, you are always here to help us. I'm really thankful. I don't know how I can even repay you." Daisy truly admired and respected Tom. She was very impressed with Tom's magical hands, which could treat every patient with kindness and save their lives on a daily basis. And not to mention that Tom was willing to help them whenever they needed it. She knew that it wasn't just because Edward was his boss, but Tom himself was kind and willing to help anyone who was in need.

"Daisy, don't ever say

or him." She bent over and climbed into the car. Her face was a little pale. Edward could tell that she really felt quite sad for Hero.

"Don't worry! Tom is looking after him right now. He'll be fine." Edward lightly patted the back of her hand. To be honest, whether Hero died or lived had nothing to do with him, and it didn't concern him at all. But once he saw the sad look on Daisy's face, he hoped that Hero would survive. Because Daisy would definitely be sad if Hero died, and he couldn't even stand the thought of Daisy being unhappy.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's go now. I still have a meeting this afternoon in the city, so I also have to spend some time preparing the documents I'll be using later on." The corner of Daisy's mouth twitched unpleasantly, and she deeply sighed, momentarily getting her mind off this thing. She'd neglected her work so she had to work double time trying to get everything done.

"What kind of food do you feel like? Western or Chinese?" Edward started the car and stepped on the gas, slowly driving out of the parking lot of the hospital. Other cars were waiting behind him and a couple sped past him on the other side, headed to the expensive hospital.

"Well, both sound good to me. But maybe something with a mild taste would be better. The weather these days is a bit dry, and my appetite isn't as big nowadays." She didn't know if she was bothered by Hero's situation, or she was simply affected by the dry weather like she suggested. She didn't feel very hungry these days, and had no interest in food.

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