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   Chapter 766 Daily Headlines (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8882

Updated: 2018-12-26 03:45

"What? Didn't you say you wanted to talk to me about my job? Why am I here now? What does Duke want?" Rachel was a little worried that Duke had seen the sensational trending post on the company website. She had created it deliberately. She just wanted all her colleagues to assume she was really Duke's girlfriend. She hadn't expected the post would attract so much attention. But not long after it was published on the website, a flood of comments came up under it. Now Rachel was a little nervous. She was afraid that Duke would think she had asked someone to put the gossip on the website. She hadn't expected he would figure out that it was her in such a short time.

"But did I say you had to talk to me? Hurry up and get inside! Mr. Leng will get angry if he is kept waiting for long. Doesn't matter who the person is, it's a horrible sight when he gets vexed!" Janice informed her mockingly. She was not too familiar with Belinda, but she liked her forthright personality. And now, all of a sudden this woman was claiming to be Mr. Leng's girlfriend. It was quite unacceptable!

As Rachel gently knocked on the door, she thought about how she could deal with this situation. If Duke asked her about the post, how would she reply to him? If she was lucky, he might not have seen the post yet. She couldn't show him she was afraid.

"Come in." Duke clicked to close the website. The Tech Department was not bad. In a short time, they had managed to remove every trace of the rumor from the website. Apparently he needed to grant them a bonus. He was pretty satisfied with the efficiency.

"Duke, did you call for me?" Rachel raised her hand and patted her curly hair. She smiled charmingly and walked toward Duke, her hips swaying.

"I want to know why such a post was sent out on the company website." Duke did not ask her to sit down. He leaned back against the chair. He zeroed in on her, and was interested in her answer.

"Website? Post? What are you talking about? I don't know about that!" Rachel tilted her head, pretending to have no idea about what he said. As long as she insisted that sending out the post had nothing to do with her, what ever could he do with her? Although she had misled the employees, it wasn't her intention to let the rumor spread like wildfire. And so what if he was the company President, he could not impose these charges on her!

"Rachel, it's not like you to continue to pretend. I don't believe you know nothing about the gossip on the company website." Duke's face had turned cold. His whole body seemed to turn into ice. What was the most irritating was that someone used him to publicize themselves. For

If you have nothing more to say, get out of here." Duke suddenly regretted calling her in his office. He not only failed to solve the problem, but also grew even more furious. How did he forget how cunning this woman was?

"Duke Leng, I hate you! The reason I am forced to take this drastic step is you! No matter how much you try to escape me, you cannot erase what has existed between us in the past." Rachel raised her hand and slightly wiped at her eyes. She turned to leave the room, fuming and shutting the door with a loud bang. The thundering sound reverberated in Duke's office.

'She hates me? Well! I have never expected her to love me anyway. It is better for her to hate me. Then things would become much easier, ' Duke thought.

Rachel straightaway went to the washroom after making herself scarce from Duke's office. She switched on the lights and washed her face. After seeing Duke's reaction to the post, she knew it was impossible for her to get along with him as a friend. Now she must change the plan. She could not directly do anything to Duke, so she must find Belinda. If Belinda really loved Duke, she would know which of them was more suitable for him.

Grabbing the towel, she wiped the water on her face. Watching the lovely but pale face in the mirror, she secretly encouraged herself, "Rachel Qin, this is nothing serious. You have a setback for a while. So what? You would get more opportunities in the future."

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself down. She gently patted her face and pulled her short skirt to arrange it. She glanced at her rosy, beautiful complexion again and walked out of the ladies room with utmost confidence. She was once again in high spirits. Nobody could make out any troubles from her face.

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