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   Chapter 765 Daily Headlines (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9837

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"Oh! So Rachel and Mr. Leng grew up together. They are youth sweethearts!" The employees exchanged similar expressions of dawning comprehension. They turned to look at Rachel admiringly. For a while, all of them thought Rachel was the best prospect for Mr. Leng's wife, which made Rachel feel quite smug about the whole affair.

"Yeah! You can say that." Rachel's lips curled upward into a big smile. Anyone could see how happy she was. They wondered at how God had favored her as it gave her exquisite features and an enchanting figure.

"So, are you Mr. Leng's girlfriend?" one of the employees asked. Gossip was always hot among women when they gathered together. For a moment, the entire office was buzzing. They waited with bated breaths for Rachel's answer.

"Why? Do you think so?" Rachel did not answer directly, but posed another question at them. The fact that she hadn't denied the speculation added fuel to the fire. The women grew more curious.

"Surely you are! Otherwise why would Mr. Leng treat you so differently?" came the answer.

"Yes! You call him by his first name, and with familiarity. We can see you are close to him, " called out another voice in the audience.

"Isn't that so? Mr. Leng has never been like that with any other colleague before, " someone agreed.

The staff continued to gossip among each other. The rumor had spread like wildfire in the company. For a while, the company's grapevine had been rife with speculation that the new group leader of the Sales Department, Rachel, was Mr. Leng's girlfriend. Everyone was beginning to believe it. So when Janice saw the gossip on the company's website, she was so stunned that her mouth dropped open. Without thinking further for a moment longer, she straightaway rushed to the President's office.

"Mr. Leng, you're in serious trouble. Something has happened." Janice was usually known to keep calm. But today, she burst into the CEO's office without even knocking on the door. Her sudden arrival disturbed Duke, who was hardly fond of interruptions. Duke glared at her. His expression warned her that she'd better have something useful to say, otherwise she'd be done for!

"It is you who are in trouble! What in the world happened? Why are you in such a hurry? Do you have any etiquette or not?" Duke fumed, giving her a disdainful look. He continued working on his documents.

"I am not joking! It is an emergency. I don't care about manners under a crisis situation! You'd better log in to the company's website page right now and see the posts!" Janice exclaimed. 'Hmph. Let's see if you can continue to be calm after reading that post. You will regret shouting at me when you see it!' Janice thought gloatingly.

"Is there something wrong with the company website? Have any hackers invaded it? If so, you should go and talk to the Tech Department, not me! Why did you come here?" Duke spared her no attention as he handled the documents.

deep waters as it was.

"Janice, what do you want to talk about?" Rachel followed Janice and asked her carefully. Right now she tolerated the arrogance of this woman in front of her. But once she became Duke's wife, she would definitely fire her!

"You'll know soon enough, " answered Janice. Honestly, Janice didn't like this woman at all. She had always considered Rachel to be badly-behaved. However, she was also curious about whether or not Rachel had been really familiar with Mr. Leng since a long time ago. If so, why hadn't she seen her all these years? Janice felt like this could be the plot of a novel. Rachel was Mr. Leng's ex-girlfriend. When she got to know Mr. Leng was getting married, she was furious about it and came back to ruin the wedding deliberately. Could it be true?

Rachel bit her lower lip, narrowing her eyes at the back of Janice's head. It looked like that she wanted to drill a hole into her skull with her sharp eyes. However, while talking to Janice, Rachel had to be cautious to please her. She believed she had more important things to do. She couldn't fail because of this insignificant assistant. So, she smiled and said, "May I ask what cosmetics you use? Your skin is so clear and soft."

"Sorry, I seldom use cosmetics." Janice smiled breezily. She was neither pleased by her words nor was she irritated. But it became clear she wasn't interested in making friends with Rachel.

"Really? Then you're such a natural beauty!" Although Rachel felt embarrassed at Janice's reaction to her question, she feigned surprise and praised her.

"Thank you for the compliment! You can go into the office now. Mr. Leng is waiting for you inside, " Janice said, smiling politely as they reached Duke's office. She stood at such a high position, so what had she not experienced? She wasn't in the habit of paying attention to this kind of compliments. In today's society, if you took the praise seriously, you would fall.

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