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   Chapter 764 Funny Anecdotes (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8221

Updated: 2018-12-26 01:41

He heaved a heavy sigh and jumped out of the bed. He must go to work early and finish his stuff before coming home. He had to do extra works tonight. Thanks a lot to his beautiful wife for depriving him of some rest time. Now his free time didn't belong to him but to YS Group.

A yellow Porsche quickly followed a black Spyker as it drove through Leng Group's parking lot. It didn't even slow down. Obviously, whoever the driver was, he or she got a swollen head.

Duke frowned. He was already prepared to open the door and get out. But when he spotted the fast luxury car approaching, he paused and waited for the car to pass. He gazed at the shining Porsche while wondering who would be so bold and unstoppable as to race and ignore his company's parking lot rules.

Rachel skillfully parked her car in place, shook her wavy hair and then pushed the door open to get off her car. She was surprised to see Duke leaning against his car. She gave him a graceful smile before walking towards him with her hips in elegant swings. The beige tights she wore today brought out her best and made her look very sexy. She was nothing but a breathtaking stunner.

'Why it was her?.' Duke's face darkened at the sight of Rachel. Recognizing that it was Rachel, he bent down to get his briefcase from his car. He had given up the thought to teach the driver a lesson. He locked the door, ready to leave. He didn't want any trouble. It was easy to convince Belinda to trust him but that didn't necessarily mean that he would want more connection with Rachel. She was plainly out of his interest. but that didn't mean that Rachel also thought in the same way

"Good morning, Duke!" Rachel quickened her pace upon seeing Duke about to leave. Her high heels made loud tapping sounds against the floor with her every step.

"Good morning, Miss Qin." Duke was left with no choice but to turn around and greet back. Nevertheless, he continued to walk towards the elevator.

"Huh! What happened to you, Duke? Did you really just call me Miss Qin? We are so familiar to each other, it should be Rachel." Rachel couldn't help but laugh as she jogged to follow him.

"There is nothing inappropriate about me calling you Miss Qin while within this company. Let me remind you of how you should be addressing me when we are here since you brought this topic up." Duke wasn't putting on airs before her. He just didn't want others to misunderstand their relationship. Moreover

e didn't expect for the 'salary deduction trick' to still work on her after so many years. She obviously valued her money even if he was already giving her a high salary. Her salary might be lower than that of Aaron but it was still twice more compared with other companies.

Rachel received a lot of flattery from her female colleagues as soon as she entered the sales department. Everybody took her as the CEO's new girlfriend after the party. They had assumed that their CEO and YS Group's CEO already broke up as they hadn't seen the latter visit that place anymore. Was it the purpose as to why Mr. Leng arranged Rachel to work in the company? Well, it could be that he didn't want to attract a lot of attention, thus he made her start from such a low position. Many top executives failed to have the CEO join their parties before. Therefore, there must be a reason as to how a common employee did it so easily yesterday. With that in mind, most employees thought that their prediction was highly possible. It made them eager to play up to Rachel. Perhaps, she could be their CEO's wife someday.

"Miss Qin, did you and Mr. Leng know each other before?" A woman who sat next to Rachel asked tentatively. She looked sure as if she already knew the answer because Rachel was very beautiful, not to mention, she was very sexy as well.

"Yes, we knew each other when we were at school." Rachel smiled gracefully. Her delicate makeup that matched perfectly with her dress made her look stunningly gorgeous. No one would think that she was already on her thirties as she looked a lot younger. Yes, she was like she was a sweet twenty.

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