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   Chapter 763 Funny Anecdotes (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8346

Updated: 2018-12-26 00:12

"Thanks for your praise. In fact, being shameless also takes courage." Duke walked towards the bed in a carefree manner, wearing a cunning smile. The Duke who was usually cold appeared very gentle in front of Belinda.

"You are good at finding excuses for your lewdness." Belinda turned around with the thought that he had already dressed.

"Women don't like men who are not bad. Isn't that true? I'm just doing my best to cater to the needs and preference of women." Although Duke was not a slick talker, that didn't mean he didn't know how to talk to please women at all. He might not be as eloquent as Edward, but having stayed with him for so many years made him learn some of his skills.

"An excuse to cover up your obscenity, huh? Who says that all women like bad men?"

Belinda never lost over verbal arguments except if the opponent was the sissy man, Rain.

"Are you saying that you like good men just like me?" Duke suddenly let out a warm and heartfelt laugh. It was something unusual for him as he was known to be a cold man.

"You are a narcissist." Belinda narrowed her eyes and looked at him mockingly. She gave him a quick once-over and realized that he indeed had the looks to be narcissistic. She pouted about that fact. She wasn't aware of how her expression made her looks even more beautiful to Duke that it made him lose his control. He lit up the fire in instant. One swift move from him and she was already in his arms. Then passionate kisses followed.

Duke's kisses were more like his personality, as they were like cold breezes that caressed her heart. She trembled with her eyes wide open in his arms. She gazed at his handsome face, slowly closed her eyes and kissed him back.

Duke was overjoyed for her reaction. He kissed her with more tenderness, tasting her and carefully tracing her lips with his. He wanted to make her completely lose for him. He wanted her heart to only beat for him.

Belinda unwittingly wrapped her arms around his neck. There was no use denying that this man was special to her. He could ignite her. And since she couldn't drive him away from her heart, she had decided to indulge herself to something amorous this time.

It wasn't that easy to love someone. On contrary, it was hard to the extent that one could forget how to make proper choices. Although you clearly knew that you were attracted by him or her, you still appeared like you had no feelings for him or her. Showing off that love was even harder. Was it the com

curled up in his arms.

"Yes. I have to go to the company today so I must get up early." The two-day break she took was over and it was time for her to focus on work. She had to go back or else she would go crazily busy as their wedding day was coming.

"Don't you need to take a few more days off?" Duke lazily said with one hand holding her waist and the other supporting him against the bed. He looked a little tired.

"The wounds are almost fine. There is a lot of work in the company waiting for me to deal with. I am afraid that it might affect our wedding if I don't fix it now." Belinda took his hand off her and sat up. She smoothed her messy hair and then got out of the bed.

"Don't worry, you have me. You can take the work home if it's too much. I'll do it for you." Duke lay down on the bed and gazed at the ceiling with his misty eyes. He was not completely awake yet.

"Really? You mean I can take the files which need data processing home and you'll help me?" Belinda was not a science geek when she was still in school so it always took her more time reviewing data files than the normal files. Duke's offer was heaven sent!

"Oh, no! I didn't really mean that. You can't take it seriously." Duke pursed his lips, thinking what on earth he had just put himself unintentionally into.

"Of course yes. You said it. I will pick out those data files during the day and take them home for you to review after I get off work." Belinda walked towards the washing room without giving Duke a chance to refuse. He was dumbfounded when he found that Belinda already disappeared from his sight. He never expected her to take his words seriously.

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