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   Chapter 761 Take Care Of The Drunken CEO (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7363

Updated: 2018-12-25 04:03

"Are you telling me that you love her so dearly that you forced her to marry you?" Rachel had never regretted something as much as she did now. She wouldn't have asked him such a question if she had known that his answer would hurt so much.

"Do I love her?" Duke shook his head and suddenly thought about the question very seriously. "I don't know. In fact, I'm also curious about it." He was suddenly angry with Belinda. Did it mean that he had fallen in love with her?

Rachel's lips twitched. She was about to say something but then changed her mind. It was then that she caught a glimpse of the slender silhouette at the door. An idea occurred in her head and made her smile. She hurriedly hugged Duke and patted his back consolingly to show off. Rachel squinted with a challenging look at the approaching woman.

Belinda strode in but unconsciously stopped at the sight of Rachel. What she saw made her angry. However, that did not make her turn away. Rather, she found herself marching more determinedly than before. She would never swallow such insult and humiliation in silence.

Duke didn't expect that Rachel would hug him. He was dazed and exhausted, so his mind went blank for a moment as he lay in her arms. He pushed her away the moment he got his wits back but it was too late. Rachel had gained her ends.

"What a coincidence that we meet again, Miss Qin." Belinda grinned from ear to ear. There was no trace of displeasure on her lips though she was furious deep inside. What a twist that Rachel was also there. Now she knew why Leena was confused about Duke's participation in such an activity.

"Well, it's not what you see." Rachel pretended to explain when in fact, what she wanted was to cause a deeper misunderstanding.

"Belinda, here you are." Duke staggered to his feet but fell over himself. Rachel subconsciously wanted to help him up but Belinda was one step ahead.

"You're drunk." Belinda's brows were in knots when she gathered Duke to her. She was worried about him and found no time to answer Rachel.

"I only drank a little, really." Duke burped. He leaned on Belinda's shoulder and breathed softly.

"I can prove it. Duke didn't drink too much. He's d

nted for not getting the answer that he wanted. However, he felt relieved that Belinda didn't unreasonably quarrel with him. He had to admit that she was really smart and knew how to make herself invincible, even if it annoyed him a bit.

"Why would I doubt you? Are you hiding something from me and afraid that I'll find it out?" Belinda suddenly slammed the brakes because another car overtook hers at a fast speed. The driver might be a young man who was after thrills. Luckily, Belinda had driven slowly and was able to react on time, or else they could have been hit. Duke, who was drunk, banged his head unprepared.

"Damn it! Is it necessary to show off his Rolls-Royce? Such a fast speed may take his life!" Duke cursed while touching his forehead. It was good that his seat belt was fastened or his forehead would be swollen.

"Are you all right?" Belinda was also shocked but she was more concerned about Duke.

"I'm fine. How about you? Are you okay?" Duke gave Belinda a once over. The fright had sobered him up.

"Yes, I'm okay. It's good that you're alright." Belinda calmed herself down and began to speed up the car. "It's late at night, " she continued, "We'd better be home as soon as possible. Many people drive under the influence at this hour. It isn't safe even if I follow traffic regulations because others may not."

"Slow down. Take it easy." Duke knew Belinda was really frightened because she was suddenly green around the gills.

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