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   Chapter 760 She Doesn't Love Me (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9633

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"No, thanks. I'll ask the driver to come and pick me up. You can go and continue to play with them!" Duke pushed Rachel away as he shook her offer off. He staggered to the lounge and pulled out his mobile phone from his pocket.

"Then I'll find a place to sit with you while waiting for your diver. You drank too much. I am worried about you staying alone. Let me take care of you. Okay?" Rachel said without giving Duke the opportunity to refuse. She helped him to the small table nearby, sat down together, and had her hands hooked on Duke's arm. She didn't want to withdraw her hands and enjoyed the intimacy with Duke. She was about to say some more when Duke's phone rang. The call was so unexpected that he didn't even have the chance to check the number.

"Hey, Belinda...Yes, I am about to go home now." Rachel's face turned pale as she heard what Duke said. A hint of resentment fleeted in her eyes. However, she was able to control her expression and changed back to her tender smile after a while.

"I'm not asking you about this. I just want to tell you not to drive by yourself if you're drunk." Belinda stood on the balcony with one hand in her pocket and the other holding her mobile phone. She looked charming in casual dress. The Leng house was in the center of a garden, surrounded by trees. That was why it was colder at night. Belinda shivered as chill crawled on her skin. She put her hand deeper in her pocket to get warm.

"I know, Belinda. And I was about to call the driver just now before you called. By the way, where is Leena? Is she back home?" He might be very strict with Leena but it was undeniable that his sister occupied an important part in Duke's heart. He cared about her even when he was drunk.

"Yes, Leena went back home soon after dinner. She said that she had two designs to finish and left in a hurry. It seems that last-minute working is her style. Anyway, where are you now? I think I can pick you up." Belinda took a glance at the watch. "The driver must already be sleeping at this moment." She went to the bathroom without waiting for Duke's response and opened the wardrobe. She went through her clothes, took a simple short jacket out, then walked downstairs.

"Well, it's OK. I am in Joy Karaoke. Don't drive fast. I'll wait for you." Duke was not the type to flaunt his superiority. He did not reject Belinda's proposal. He even felt so happy about it that he smiled unconsciously. The change on Duke's expression wasn't something that Rachel missed and her eyes opened wide in anger.

"Okay. I will be there in twenty minutes. Wait for me. Laters!" Belinda hung the phone up and drove her Lotus sports car to Joy Karaoke.

Duke also hung up and leaned himself against the couch. He closed his eyes with a deep frown. He looked very uncomfortable.

"Duke, are you feeling well? Have some tea. This will make you feel be

he Leng Group. The YS Financial Group was also one of the top enterprises in S City. The Leng Group was not what Belinda wanted. Ironically, she even wanted to give her own YS Financial Group to Duke and let him take care of the operations. Money was nothing to Belinda.

"Do you mean that she is interested in you? " Rachel looked at Duke up and down. It was undeniable that Duke exuded elegance fit for kings. He indeed attracted a lot of women's attention. But what if he became penniless? Would women still flock around him?

"What do you think?" Duke sat up straight and looked at her coldly. He did not like Rachel to interpret Belinda as a golddigger.

"I am not her. How could I know? But in my opinion, it is not simply due to love." Rachel also picked up the tea in front of her and took a sip. She wouldn't change her point of view over Belinda.

"You're right about that." Duke said with a sigh. There was a deep sense of frustration in his expression.

"Really? I don't believe that love was the reason she married you, Duke. " With her answer affirmed, Rachel felt a dull heartache creeping on her chest.

"No, she doesn't like me. She doesn't like all my things, my identity, money, even the Leng Group. It was me who forced her to marry me." Duke felt inexplicably sad as he said those. He tried to ask Belinda if she loved him that day at the seaside. Her answer was cruel. She didn't love him.

"What? You forced her to marry you? That's impossible. She has nothing good. Well maybe good looking but... what is her compared to me!" Rachel shouted hysterically with a head shook. She could not believe what Duke said. Duke must be really drunk to lose his mind.

"That's the reality. She doesn't love me. Not even like me." Duke let out a sad smile. He even felt a little depressed. He did not notice what Rachel ranted later and missed the insulting words she threw at Belinda even more.

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