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   Chapter 759 She Doesn't Love Me (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9603

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"Duke, please say yes! You see, they are all hoping that you can come with us. You don't often take part in such a gathering after all. Since you're already here, I think it's okay to meet their demands this time, right?" Rachel said in a soft tone. She was persuading Duke on behalf of all the colleagues. But in her mind, she wished she could attach herself to Duke twenty-four hours every day.

Duke raised his head, with his gaze sweeping rapidly on the crowd. His refusal was on the tip of his tongue but he hesitated when he saw the yearning eyes from all his subordinates. For a moment, Duke felt a little embarrassed. Of course, as a CEO, he could ignore their kind invitation. Because he was dining with them here. Such dinner gathering was rare for him before, and in his mind, it already inspired their team spirit. However, also as a successful leader, he had to consider the feelings of employees. So, such a proposal really placed him in a dilemma.

"All right! I'll go with you all. But I can only stay for a while." Sometimes a compromise was not a sign of weakness. It could also mean a wiser and more sophisticated decision. What you obtained was usually more than what you lost. This saying best described the current Duke's situation.

"Hurray!" The crowd burst into cheers upon hearing what Duke said and became more casual with their CEO. Their feeling of constrained was gone. Rachel also felt happy with Duke's decision. As far as Rachel was concerned, she still could influence Duke's decision and thought that he might still have some affections to her. She exhaled mildly with a glamorous smile on her face.

Joy Karaoke was S City's top KTV. It was also one of the favorite places of many upper-class people. They just wanted to go to a normal level KTV at first. However, their CEO's persistence led them to stand before that supreme KTV. Duke was not showing off. He just felt uncertain about the safety problem with normal KTVs.

"Thank you very much for your hard work recently. I am always very proud of having professional colleagues with me. You have contributed a lot to the success of our company. It will be a happy night for us. Enjoy yourself. Have fun as much as you can. I will pay all the bill. You deserve it." Duke said as he proposed a toast to them. He seldom came to the KTV. He normally went to the Sexy World with Edward and other guys. It was only when they wanted to relax that they came here to roar a bit. He wasn't good at singing. Rain was the karaoke master in their group who never let the microphone go once he got the chance to sing.

"Yeah. Thank you, Mr. Leng." The box was full of cheers after Duke's opening speech. Such a treatment was so precious that all the people in the room felt excited. They were even much happier at this point than when they got bonuses.

Duke smiled, with?his mouth?twitchin

e type of CEO to blush in public but this was his first time to sing in front of people. He felt uneasy throughout the whole song. It was fortunate that Rachel was good at singing and made up for his shortcomings.

The party atmosphere heightened after a while. The alcohol was always an indispensable and the crowd started to toast to each other. Almost everyone had a toast to Duke. It was difficult to say no and he had much more wine than he had expected. People in the room got more and more excited as they were stimulated by the drink. Some people were playing tricks. Some were dancing to the music. Some were singing or rather shouting. What a crazy world. It was rare to see these white-collar elites in frenzy with their top collar button loosely opened. It was very noisy.

Duke pressed his temples as he felt dizzy. He had drunk too much wine in the restaurant and that KTV. He raised his hand to see the time and noticed that it was time for him to go home. He quietly walked out of the room. However, to his surprise, Rachel followed him.

"Where are you going, Duke?" Rachel did not drink much wine as all her attention was on Duke every minute. She immediately noticed that Duke was about to go and she followed him outside.

"It is very late. I must go home. You can continue to play with them. Have fun. I"ll go first." He went straight to the reception and asked them to put the whole fee for tonight to his account.

"You had too much drink tonight. Why not let me send you back?" Rachel held his arm to support his shaky body. That was the first time she held him again after many years. She could not help but remember the time when they first met. She never knew that Duke was the heir of the Leng Group. Duke used to live in a small apartment when they were in love. She really wanted to take that night's chance to know where the real Leng house was located and how it looked like.

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