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   Chapter 757 Dinner (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7118

Updated: 2018-12-25 04:03

Rain gave him a cunning smile. He didn't expect that Duke would get pissed off so easily. Apparently, Duke was not as indifferent as they said. 'Is he in a bad mood today? Why is he so irritable? Never mind. I'd better go upstairs first, ' Rain thought to himself.

"Come in, please." Edward was still buried in his papers when he heard the knock on his door. Undoubtedly, he looked handsome in the moment.

"Mr. Mu, here's your schedule for this afternoon. Please take a look. Do you want me to make any changes?" Anna asked as she handed her notebook to Edward. She wore a tight, well-cut suit that showed off her figure.

"Mr. Ouyang? What does he want to see me for?" Edward asked, taking a sip of his coffee as he saw an upcoming appointment with Leo mentioned in Anna's notebook.

"He said he wanted to talk about private matters with you. I told him I would ask you first, Mr. Mu. Do you want me to tell him you're busy?" Anna stole a glance at Edward, unsure about his answer. Leo was Edward's father-in-law, after all.

"No, tell him I'll see him. The schedule is fine by me." Edward shut the notebook, giving it back to Anna. He wondered what Leo was planning to say. Daisy had broken off with him and had asked Edward to ignore him too. However, Edward was unable to treat the father of his beloved wife with indifference.

"Sure! If you don't need me for anything else, sir, I'll take my leave, " Anna said respectfully as she gazed at Edward. He was handsome and competent. Anna admired him very much, but she was a wise woman who didn't think unrealistically.

"Wait, C Financial Group faxed me a document. Fetch it for me." Rain should've been the person handling the case of C Financial Group, but he was reluctant to meet anyone from the firm because of Annie. So Edward had to take over the case.

"Of course, Mr. Mu." Anna turned around to walk toward the door. She reached out her hand to turn the knob, but the door bumped open from the outside. Luckily, she dodged the door in time to avoid getting hit.

"Hello! Anna, you look more and more beautiful each day." Rain was flirtatious with a lot

When she was in S City, I wasn't seeing any other woman." Rain felt like he was wronged. His usually bright countenance had turned sad.

"Maybe it was your casual actions she misunderstood, that you don't take note of. I think you should seek her out and clear the air, " Edward suggested. He was a man who had gone through similar experiences. Daisy and him had gone through many misunderstandings. Fortunately, they always emerged through them.

"If she truly loved me, she would have talked it out first instead of leaving without an explanation. She practically gave me a death sentence!" Rain raised his voice in frustration. He wanted to move on, but her smile kept flashing across his mind.

"Come on! Don't you know, women are emotional beings? Maybe she was afraid about what you'd say. Do you think she'd have been able to swallow her pride and plead for your love?" Even a man like Edward had been unable to forgo his dignity to ask for Daisy's love in the past. Annie, on the other hand, was a shy woman.

"Damn it, Edward, since when have you become an expert in love? Is it because of Daisy?" Rain changed the subject, avoiding to answer the question. He was in the habit of evading any matters related to Annie.

"Fuck off, Rain. Don't try to sidetrack me. You really deserve to be alone." Edward knew him well. Rain obviously didn't want to continue the conversation, so he dropped the matter.

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