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   Chapter 756 What A Boring Man (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9170

Updated: 2018-12-25 00:28

"Were you out of your mind?! Do you know the kind of place the beach is at night? Don't you have any common sense? It's fine in the day when people come and go, but no one likes to linger after nightfall except for some loafers. It's dangerous for a woman to be there on her own. No matter how mad you were, you shouldn't have ever left her alone there!"

Edward glared at Duke, showing contempt at his carelessness. However, he was no better than Duke when it came to their lovers. He had once left Daisy alone in a forest park and regretted it immediately afterwards. But Daisy was a colonel and by no means was she a woman to be trifled with. But Belinda? She didn't know any fighting skills. Duke had been extremely reckless to leave her alone defenseless.

"My repentance has reached the point of no return. Please don't add to it, " Duke asked for mercy. Leaving Belinda alone on that beach had been the greatest mistake of his in his life. He wouldn't ever forget the terrible sight that greeted him when he returned. Belinda had been disheveled and was crying out for help. The drunkard had been approaching her step by step, ignorant of her screams. Her helplessness had stabbed him in the heart. The pain was still fresh. He would have killed himself if anything terrible had happened to her.

"If I don't make a strong enough impression, you would never know how serious this matter is. So, is Belinda okay now?" Edward was worried. Judging from Duke's demeanor, Belinda's injury must have not been severe, otherwise Duke would have killed that man already.

"She's fine. It was fortunate I returned in time. She has some minor wounds on her body. But psychologically, it has some effect on her." The suffering she would have undergone if he had been even a little late! The thought of it drove Duke crazy.

"That's good. Don't let Daisy know about the accident. If she comes to know of it, she will definitely admonish you and deliver a sermon." Edward shook his head. Men were alike. They were too overconfident to admit to their mistakes, but also reluctant to take advice from women. Their pride in the presence of women was the most important thing to maintain for them. Edward was, of course, the same kind of a man.

"What! I don't think Daisy will do that to me!" Duke exclaimed with a trace of uncertainty. Daisy had indeed warned him before for Belinda's sake. Maybe she would do it again.

"Don't forget who Daisy is. She's a colonel." Edward flashed Duke an evil smile. He would be delighted if another man received a taste of the lectures that Colonel Ouyang usually gave to him. Having been a leader in the army for a long time, she was really good at rebuking people.

"You're right, Edward. I can't let Daisy

en the documents on his desk. He had come to the office a little later than usual, after spending time at the hospital. There was too much work waiting for him.

Duke took the lift and saw Rain outside as soon as its door to the lobby chimed open. Rain dressed like a male peacock in courtship. His odd dressing sense never failed to distinguish him. However, Rain looked so perfect with his strange clothes and make-up, that nobody thought he looked odd.

"Hi! Iceberg Duke! Long time no see! Are you leaving?" Rain whistled at Duke like a rogue, studying him up and down. There was a playful smile on his face.

"Leave me alone. Do you think I'm one of your beloved girlfriends? 'Long time no see'? Use that to start conversations with one of your dull girlfriends. Not with me, " Duke spoke coldly as he stepped out of the lift. He had no time to talk rubbish with this playboy in public.

"My heart! What a boring man. You hurt my pure heart." Rain cried exaggeratedly. He laid a hand on his chest to pacify himself. Truthfully, he was a good actor.

"Stop behaving like a lunatic, Rain. You sicken me. Would it kill you to behave like a regular man? Pure heart? Yours? Laughable! Don't insult the word." Duke rolled his eyes. Rain would've had his way in Hollywood if he had chosen to be an actor.

"Little Duke, are you mad at me? Damn, I can't believe you said I sickened you. Fine, I'll let you know what I'm capable of. Then you'll really know what it's like to feel sick."

"Stop talking to me in that sissy way. Unlike you, I'm not unmanly." Duke hastened his pace as he finished speaking. He'd throw up his breakfast if he lingered around Rain for a second longer. Little Duke! Only he could come up with that disgusting name. 'Should I call him Little Rain in return?' Duke thought ridiculously. Absurd!

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