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   Chapter 755 What A Boring Man (Part One)

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Green mountains, blue sky and white clouds were rare to see together in the autumn season. However, in the suburbs of S City, there was a place where one could see them. What made the place even more popular was a precipitous mountain in the vicinity. Steep and challenging, no ordinary person could easily climb up to its peak. Today, Daisy took her soldiers to have a try at the mountain. All soldiers were armed to the teeth under the Colonel's request. They picked the most dangerous trail and started their way toward the top. Soldiers were divided into groups, with each team consisting of five. The team that got to the top of the mountain first would win the contest. Not only the soldiers' determination, but also their team spirit would be tested.

"Colonel, which team do you estimate would get to the top first?" Mark looked at the mountain peak through a telescope.

"Intelligence plays a more vital role than physical ability in this contest. In my opinion, every team has its chance to win. All our soldiers are almost at the same level in terms of strength and technique." Daisy wore a camouflaging uniform. The heat was merciless and she had taken off her hat to fan herself with it. Her other hand was angled on her forehead to shield her eyes from the glaring rays of the sun. She paid attention to the moving figures walking along the rugged trail.

"That's true, Colonel. Do you think they can successfully go through the narrow pass once they get to it?" asked Mark worriedly. He wouldn't have been troubled over it if the soldiers weren't so equipped. The pass was too narrow and only allowed one person to pass through at a time. So what about the weapons and facilities that the soldiers carried with them?

"It will test their wisdom. The rules cannot be changed, but humans can always find loopholes within them. I didn't command them to carry the equipment on their back the entire way. Do you understand?" Daisy turned and glanced at Mark. He was still a naive boy who didn't dare break the rules. Fortunately, not everyone was as simple-hearted as him.

"Yes! Why didn't I think of that?" Mark grimaced. He admitted he was a bit slow-witted.

"You wouldn't be who you are if you had thought of it." Daisy shook her head, flashing him a lenient smile. She took the telescope to watch the ongoing contest on the mountain.

The soldiers were here for field training. In addition to the physical training aimed at strengthening their combat ability, another skill they needed to develop was their ability to cope with unexpected accidents. The mountain trails leading to the top were steep, uneven and could not be hiked easily. They needed to cooperate with teammates.

Mark's lip curled with displeasure at Daisy's perception of him. Since she was the boss, he dared not refute the statement. He subdued his discontentment in secret.

The soldiers hiked along the trail. It was walk-able at first:

ith them. They reminded her of herself, when she was a young ambitious soldier. Her forgotten youth came to life around them. She was inspired by their energy and could always draw the inspiration she needed to drive forward, toward her next higher destination.

In contrast to the harsh training the soldiers had gone through under the unforgiving sun, the upper-class elites led a different life. Edward, as one of them, basked in the cool air of his office.

Duke arrived at FX International Group when the working hours had only just begun. Pushing open the doors to Edward's office, Duke startled him. Edward had just started his work. It surprised him to see Duke in his office at such an early hour.

"Please don't tell me you have been waiting outside my door, Duke." Edward paused his work as Duke came in. He stood up, walked toward the sofa and threw himself onto it.

"Will you feel sorry for me if I say yes?" Duke walked straight toward the refrigerator and grabbed a drink. He gulped it down in a flash.

"Nope, " Edward replied shortly. He wouldn't feel sorry for Duke even if he had been kept waiting outside the whole day.

"A man of no mercy! No, I'm not that stupid." Duke too sank into the sofa comfortably. The cold air in the office relieved him of the heat from his drive earlier.

"So tell me, what happened? How did Belinda get hurt?" Edward stared at Duke, perplexed. Belinda was perfectly fine when they had a meal the other day.

"Oh, God. Don't talk to me about it. I'm the one to blame. We had a quarrel. I was so mad at her, I drove off and left her alone on the beach. She wouldn't have gotten hurt if I had stayed and kept her company. It was all my fault." Belinda's injuries had left Duke with unspoken remorse. It was fortunate that he had returned in time. He wondered what could've happened if he hadn't come back in time. The consequences of it would have been a nightmare he couldn't afford to accept.

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