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   Chapter 753 Forever (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6998

Updated: 2018-12-24 01:03

"Don't rush me! At least give me some time to finish my lunch first!" Tom exclaimed. He gulped, because his stomach was rumbling, and his mouth was producing extra saliva. He could almost taste the meal that was waiting for him. Tom took the food container Duke brought and placed it on the table in front of him. But what he didn't expect was that Duke quickly stopped him.

"Well, you can finish your lunch after taking a look at her wounds! We're in a hurry here. Besides, won't you feel embarrassed with us watching you when you're the only one eating?" Duke couldn't take the risk. What if Tom was unable to take a look at Belinda's wounds after he ate his lunch? After all, he had asked Giselle to put 'extra effort' in preparing Tom's food.

"Are we in a hur --" Not waiting for her to finish her words, Duke hurriedly put a hand over her mouth and stopped her from continuing.

"What are you doing? You got me really confused here. What are you hiding?" Tom looked at the couple, feeling quite confused about their behavior. Why did he suddenly have a bad feeling about this?

"Of course nothing! You know, our wedding ceremony is in a couple of days. Though the wedding planner has helped a lot, there are still a lot of details we need to work out. So we are really busy these days. Definitely in a hurry." Duke didn't even blush as he lied to Tom's face. In fact, every little detail of the wedding ceremony had been taken care of, and all they needed to do was show up. Then, everything would be perfect.

"Really? You're not messing with me?" Tom stared at him, eyes wide. Though Duke tried to reassure him, he still couldn't completely believe him. He still thought there was something that Duke was hiding from him. The trick was figuring out Duke's game, which wasn't easy given Duke's poker face.

"No, why would I do that? You don't believe me? Now, you're just wasting our time." Duke rolled his eyes, feeling a bit annoyed at his question. Why couldn't Tom just trust him and get it over with? Of course he lied. How could he let Tom know the truth?

"Well, it's

lly rested his eyes on the wounds on Belinda's body.

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. I can just write a list of meds for her. And these meds will help her wounds become scars. But if you want the scars to be completely gone in just a few days, I really can't do it right now. Because I have practically used all my meds here, and I haven't had time to develop new meds recently. It takes time and money to reproduce the old medicines as well."

Tom had considered locking himself in his lab and working on the new drugs. But Duke's wedding was this month. He wanted to go, so he put off research and development until next month. Friends and family were a priority to Tom.

"Then why are you wasting our time now? Just quickly write your prescription. I still have to go to Edward's." After Duke said these words, he hurriedly took his phone out and dialed Edward's number.

"I told you, don't rush me! Will you at least give me a break!" Though he said this, he started writing a prescription right away. He didn't have these meds in his office, so they had to go to the pharmacy to get them.

"Hello!" Edward walked out of the bathroom and picked up the phone. "Ah, Duke. Hey, how's it going?" Edward just walked out of the bathroom when his phone rang. He was wondering who would call him at noon. Then he looked down and saw the name on the screen. To his surprise, it was Duke.

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