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   Chapter 752 Forever (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7787

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Lunch ended on a positive note. And because the wounds on Belinda's body weren't fully healed, it was a bit inconvenient for her to try on the wedding dress. If she got blood or ointment on the wedding dress, that wouldn't be so nice.

"Leena, we're headed to the hospital right now. Are you staying home or coming with us?" Duke was holding a food container in his hands, and he couldn't help but frown at Leena. When she arrived Duke noticed that she was really pale -- paler than usual. He was considering taking her to the hospital as well, and having Tom run some tests on her. Of course he was concerned about Belinda, but that didn't mean ignoring Leena.

"I guess I'll just be staying home and resting. I don't want to go out today. I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm going to take a nap upstairs. You two go, and don't worry about me or bother me. Just come and get me when dinner's ready, okay?" Leena's words were swallowed by a yawn, and then another. She slowly walked upstairs with a hand covering her mouth.

"What happened to her? Why is she this tired? What was she doing during the night?" Belinda asked, her brows furrowed. She looked at Leena's retreating back, feeling quite confused.

"Don't mind her. I guess she must have stayed up late drawing again!" With these words, Duke took Belinda's hand and walked her towards the door. Though he was worried about Leena and her habit of staying up late, he also knew that her inspirations always came late at night. So there was really nothing to be done about it.

"Drawing? To be honest, I still don't know what she's studying. What's her major?" Belinda curiously asked. Though she heard that Leena had come back from abroad not for long, she had no idea what that girl had been studying all this time.

"Fashion design. She is pretty talented in this. I really hope that she will be recognized soon and launch her personal brand." Duke was being a gentleman, as he opened the car door for Belinda and waited for her to get inside the car. He still didn't know that his little sister was already a rising star in fashion industry who not only had her personal brand, but also got invited to be the judge by a lot of fashion shows. And that was all because Leena didn't want him to know and intentionally hid all these things from him. He was overprot

mself. I guess there isn't anything in his life worth sticking around for. Otherwise I can't possibly explain why such an excellent man would choose to commit suicide. It's really strange."

This was how Tom thought of Hero after finally seeing him in person. Or he still couldn't understand why such a man who was once a kick-ass and high-powered arms dealer would make such a messed up decision to end his own life.

"Maybe! If you're too proud, you can't accept failure. I guess that's the case with Hero. It's really a shame." Duke sighed, feeling sorry for Hero. He had seen the man on the day when the kidnap happened. He was quite impressed with the man's fearlessness when faced with a crisis. But he didn't expect that such a strong man would also be so vulnerable after falling in love.

"Who the hell are you two talking about?" Belinda looked at them, feeling very confused. She couldn't understand a word what they were saying just now. It seemed that they were talking about Edward and some love rival? Her confusion made her feel left out and anxious.

"No one. No one you know, at any rate. Oh, Tom, could you take a look at her wounds? Do you think her injuries will be completely healed before the wedding or not?" Duke quickly changed the subject. He knew that Belinda didn't know Hero, so he couldn't really explain it to her in a few words. After all, it was also something that had something to do with Daisy, and she was Daisy's best friend. So it was not his story to tell. He would just have to let them two sort it out.

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