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   Chapter 750 The Wedding Dress (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9616

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"Are you sure you don't have time?" Duke continued to ask him. He leaned back in the chair, like he didn't have a care in the world.

"Strictly speaking, it's not that I don't have any time at all. It all depends on why you're taking me to lunch." Tom circled the last spot on the computer screen, and checked the surgical simulation results on the computer. But the result was not that satisfying, he felt a little depressed and began to research other feasible operation plans.

"Why do you think there has to be a reason for me to take you to lunch? I'm not your boss, who has purposes behind his every request for you." While saying this, Duke felt a little guilty. Because like Tom had predicted, he did have ulterior motives for feeding him.

"Cut the crap! Do you think I don't know what's on your mind? You want me to check on Belinda's wounds, right? Just bring her to my office in the hospital. I'm super-preoccupied and can't go out today." His theories for the surgery proved unworkable, so he had to go back to the drawing board, and rework everything.

"What's up Tom? Why are you so busy?" Duke furrowed his brows. Everyone he hung out with hated hospitals. Tom was an exception -- as well he should be -- because he was a doctor. That was why Duke wanted Tom to come to his house.

"Ah! I don't really want to talk about it. I'm working out ways to save Edward's love rival now." Tom intentionally stressed the word "love rival". Probably because they had known each other for a very long time, so in regular cases, they could practically read each others' minds.

"What love rival? Are you kidding me?" Subconsciously, Duke felt Tom was messing with him. In his memory, Tom was indeed very generous, but to save a troublemaker who would cause nothing but drama? That wasn't like Tom at all. He looked very gentle and elegant from his appearance, but he was definitely a wicked man in Duke's eyes.

"You can call him and ask him yourself if you don't believe me. I can't explain it in detail now. But don't mention that I told you this." Edward couldn't know that the news about his love rival would spread so quickly. Tom knew that it was somewhat confidential, but he was so overworked that he let it slip. Besides Edward, only Tom knew about this matter. He was so stupid to warn Duke not to mention him in front of Edward. Edward was so clever, he would immediately figure out that Tom tipped the news to Duke without hesitation.

"Do you think I'm that stupid to find trouble for myself? I probably won't even bring it up. Let's drop it now, we can talk when we meet at noon." Duke shook his head. The matter of saving his love rival might have already been a very depressing thing to Edward, if Duke asked Edward about it, that would undoubtedly be adding fuel to the fire. Edward's angry fire might also burn Duke. So he would not be stupid enou

k out her delicate tongue and licked her dry lips. She spaced out for a while, lost in thought, but finally she placed the cellphone on the tea table. Then she lifted the glass and took several sips of water.

In fact, she was really curious to see what the wedding dress would look like. She only worried that the wicked Leena would get some fancy ideas and choose a weird style for her. If that was the case, she would really be mad. Because it would be too late to pick another wedding dress -- the wedding date was right around the corner. She hoped that Leena's choice wasn't too disappointing. She was a fashionable young girl and she was supposed to have an eye for beauty.

She raised her head and checked the time. Then she walked downstairs. It happened to be lunch time, and she figured that Leena hadn't eaten lunch yet. So she wanted to go downstairs to ask Giselle to prepare something that Leena liked.

When Leena's car entered her family home, she didn't notice that a Maybach soon followed. Before she realized it, Duke suddenly appeared in front of her.

"Leena, you're here too?" Seeing that Leena was also here, Duke felt overjoyed. He hadn't seen her for several days. He hadn't gotten even a phone call from her. He had thought of going to see her when he had time. He was surprised by her sudden appearance.

"Duke, aren't you supposed to be at work today?" Leena frowned and glanced at Duke doubtfully. Then she lifted up the trunk of the car and bent down to take the two big bags of clothing out.

"I just came back from the office. What are these?" Duke took the bags from Leena, fearing that holding the bags would weary his dear sister.

"They are the wedding dress and the tuxedo. Did you forget that your wedding day is only a few days away?" Having someone take the bags, Leena felt very relaxed. She walked briskly towards the house, eager to flee from the scorching sun.

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