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   Chapter 749 An Invitation From Rachel (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 10468

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"How about I buy you lunch?" Edward smiled. He trusted Tom. So when he said there was still some hope, Edward did not cast any doubt on him at all and believed that Hero's situation was not that bad.

"Buy me lunch another day! I want to go back and make some careful plans for treatment. I won't lie to you; this won't be a walk in the park. You can thank me later on." If someone offers to take you out to lunch, you shouldn't refuse. You'd have to be a fool to reject the invitation. Particularly because Edward had offered to pay. He had such deep pockets that such a meal would likely be more expensive than any food Tom would grab for himself. But in order to save Hero, Tom had to be the responsible one, and give up on the lunch offered by Edward.

"Okay! Then I'm heading back to the office now. You can call me if there's anything I can do to help. See you." Edward walked towards his car. He felt so much better now that Tom was on the case. He raised his arms and waved bye to Tom without facing him.

Tom turned around and walked to his car too. Likewise, he raised his arm and waved his goodbyes to Edward. Then he hopped in the car and drove away. Luke also followed them in his car. So the three famous cars left the parking lot one by one. They went away and disappeared from sight.

At the same time, in the meeting room of Leng Group, Rachel Qin fixed her gaze on Duke Leng. Duke sat in the president's chair. There was nothing but love and passion for Duke in Rachel's eyes. She did not rush to Duke and ask for attention from him. She did not want Duke to think she was a boring woman, or to be suspicious of her. So, no matter how much she wished to get closer to him, she had to suppress her feelings and try not to be too aggressive. She should wait for her chance.

Duke was known as a cold and fair-minded man in the company. No one saw him ever smile. But as long as you did your job well and didn't offend him, it was easy to get along with him. He was a good boss in this respect. He never punished employees who didn't deserve it, and treated them all equitably.

"Is there any other business that needs to be addressed? If not, the meeting is over and you can leave now." Duke took a look around the meeting room. He felt like someone was watching him during the whole meeting. But when he tried to find him or her and meet the gaze, the feeling left him suddenly. Who could it be? He wondered if it was Rachel Qin. But he saw that she had her head lowered and was writing something. It wasn't her, was it?. But who else apart from her would be so interested in him?

"Mr. Leng, can I make a simple request?" When Duke was about to declare the meeting closed, Rachel suddenly spoke out.

"What is it? Spit it out!" Duke frowned. He wondered what kind of tricks she was going to play. As a matter of fact, it was not appropriate for her to say a word in the meeting. Her position in the company wasn't high enough.

"I have a very simple request. Our department is celebrating tonight. I'd like to invite Mr. Leng to join the party." Rachel looked right straight at him with no hesitation. Sh

him out of trouble.

His thoughts went unbidden to her wounds. So he picked up the phone and dialed up Tom.

"Hello! Duke, is there anything I can do for you?" Tom was looking carefully at the x-ray film he took from the hospital. Sometimes he marked some vital points on his simulated operation.

"Are you free at noon? Let's have lunch." Actually inviting Tom for lunch was just an excuse. The main reason he wanted Tom to have lunch with him was for Belinda. He wanted him to check her wounds again.

"No way! Hey, are you guys doing this on purpose today? Is this a prank? Both of you invited me out for a meal when I'm so busy. Why aren't you so hip to pay when you don't need something?" Tom pushed the ground with his feet, and his chair rolled smoothly to the other end of the desk. He picked up one slide from the desk and then pushed off with his feet again. The chair rolled back to where he started.

"What? Is there someone else who invited you for lunch?" Duke wasn't worried when Tom rejected his invitation. He would find a way to make Tom accept his offer.

"Of course. I've become quite popular recently." No one knew when Tom had become narcissistic just like Rain. If they continued keeping in touch, they'd end up as clones of each other. And no one needed more than one Rain. One was more than enough.

"Did Rain invite you? If so, be careful. Don't let him turn you gay." Even though Duke was talking about boys' love stuff, he still stayed cold and calm. It was supposed to be a joke. But from Duke's cool face, no one could tell that he was telling a joke at all.

"Look at you, the little matchmaker. Don't forget, he likes women, not men. So I know you want us to be a couple so bad, but you should at least know his sexual preference before shipping us."

Tom was annoyed. He rolled his eyes without a word. It was impossible to match him and Rain. Come on, everyone knew Rain had it bad for that girl named Annie. Ever since Annie disappeared, Rain became a zombie. And Tom had no interest in guys at all. He always liked women instead of men.

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