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   Chapter 748 An Invitation From Rachel (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 10169

Updated: 2018-12-24 00:18

"Are you sure you're heading back now?" Edward squinted coldly at him and flashed a sly smile. He did not make any stops at all and kept walking into the hospital. He didn't care about whether Tom was following him or not since he was confident that Tom would not run away now.

"Edward, tell me about him. What is he to you? You're obviously concerned about him, otherwise you wouldn't make me come here so frickin' early." Edward was right. Tom wouldn't leave now. He knew better. He ran to catch up with Edward, complaining all the way.

"Rival in love." Edward's reply was extremely simple but impressive. Tom, who was following him tightly behind, was in a total mess. But Edward stayed calm and cool, as if nothing serious happened at all.

"What did you say? I seem to hear you say rival? Or am I missing something? You dragged me out of a warm bed at the buttcrack of dawn for your so-called rival in love? What's wrong with you? And more importantly, why do you want me to save his life?"

Tom did not think he could understand the weird ways of love nowadays. It must be that he'd stayed in his laboratory too long. How could a man be so generous to save his rival in love? Why? Wouldn't he want his rival stay as far away as possible, or even to die an early death? Wouldn't those two options make more sense?

"Just save him. Don't talk too much." Edward stopped walking all of a sudden. He turned his head and shot a cold stare at Tom. Tom was shocked by what he saw and almost walked into Edward.

"I didn't say I wouldn't save him. What the heck are you doing? You scared me, " he said to Edward in a hurt voice. Tom patted his chest. His heart kept thumping wildly due to Edward's cold and threatening demeanor. Edward was used to bullying Tom into doing whatever he wanted.

Edward glanced at him coldly and then continued walking through the hospital. But he was not going to the ICU room. Instead, he went to Hero's doctor's office. After all, Tom was from another hospital. Even though he was an excellent doctor in the city, Edward could not just let him treat Hero without the permission from the original hospital. So, there were some procedures they needed to follow.

In the city, many people knew Edward Mu and Tom Qin. After all, one was the most powerful business man and the other was a genius doctor in the medical field. When they appeared in front of Hero's doctor at the same time, the doctor was taken aback. But he was more delighted since he would never get to see such powerful men under normal circumstances. He snapped to attention right away.

Tom conducted a series of examinations on the patient. How he was doing, what his vitals looked like, and the final prognosis. He finally had the chance to see the Edward's so-called rival in love. He could not help stealing more glances at the patient during the process. He was seriously pale at that moment. But he must admit that the man was not bad-looking. Tom figured that this guy was probably an outstanding man, and no wonder Edward was r

ht harbor some resentment against him if he didn't do everything in his power to save Hero.

"Oh, I see now. It's because of Daisy. So you mean, Daisy wants to save him, right?" Tom's curiosity became a terrible itch that needed to be scratched. If what Edward said was the truth, then he thought it was time for him to have a new impression of Daisy.

"Come on, do you think she would ask me to save him? I volunteered to do it because I don't want her to be sad." Edward stopped walking for a second. To tell the truth, he really hated it when his woman felt sad for other men. But he also realized one thing; if a woman did not have a kind and grateful heart, she would not be worthy of his love.

So, when faced with such an situation, Edward felt tough and stumped too. But he would put himself in other people's shoes. He might be childish about some things. But those things were irrelevant and unimportant. Daisy was his wife, the one he loved with every inch of his heart, every fiber of his being. He would surely care about her mind and soul.

"I know Daisy wouldn't ask you to save him." Tom finally relaxed and sighed. He knew it! Tom was a fairly bright chap when given a chance. How could an elegant woman like Daisy do such a rude thing?

"Whether she did or not isn't the point. Please save him. If not for me, then her! Just let me know if you need anything. Money will never be a problem." Edward was not pretending to be generous. He said that to let Tom know that he was determined to see Hero healthy once more.

"Got it. I'll take care of it. Don't worry! As long as there's a shred of hope, I won't disappoint you and Daisy, " Tom said. He did not feel relieved at all after he gave out his promise. Instead, his thoughts weighed heavy on his mind. Hero's condition was a real problem for him, and not easily solved. So he decided to go home later and research it carefully to see what could he do to make things right. He might have to use some experimental procedures to save this guy's life.

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