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   Chapter 747 What A Caring Husband (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6723

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"Alright, alright, I can't…" replied Tom with resignation, though he had cursed Edward a thousand times in his head. He suddenly understood why Rain would call Edward a greedy capitalist. Now it seemed to him that he was worse than that -- he was literally a devil who kept exploiting him!

"Now cut the crap and get over here now. I'll wait for you at the municipal hospital, " requested Edward, who hung up the phone as soon as he finished. He left Tom no chance to turn him down. Edward had always been like this, a domineering person who would never go cap in hand to anyone.

"Damn it. Who do you think you are, talking to me like that? You think I jump to the snap of your fingers? I'll tell you what, you've got another thing coming. I'm not going. And there's nothing you can do about it!" Hearing the phone go busy, Tom quickly glanced at the screen. When he saw that Edward had really hung up the phone, he shouted in a fit of pique. But of course, he was only venting his rage behind Edward's back. After that, he could do nothing but throw down the phone and get ready to go. He had to give in since Edward was the boss.

Putting down his phone, Edward grinned gloatingly. If he was not mistaken, Tom must be cursing him right after the call. He knew that he would react in very much the same way as Rain. Neither of them would complain in front of him, but they would definitely protest secretly until they cooled down.

"What are you doing here? I heard you talking to someone just now. Were you on the phone?" Suddenly, Edward heard Daisy's voice coming from behind him. He turned and saw her approaching him with a confused look. Back in the ward, Daisy was caught by surprise when she awakened from her thoughts and found that Edward had disappeared. How could he just leave without uttering a word? Daisy left the ward and finally heard his voice from a distance. Following the sound, she found him when he just finished the call.

"Yes. Just something about work. Ready to go? I think it'

! You know how fast I was driving? This place is so far away from my home, not to mention that I had to drive during the morning rush hour. You really should thank me for how quickly I got here despite all that!" exclaimed Tom, glaring at Edward. 'So now you finally know how annoying it is to wait for others, huh? This is what you get for keeping people waiting for so long! Let's see you do it again!' he thought to himself.

"Be quick! No more excuses, " urged Edward. This was the way Edward had always been. While he was free to make demands, he would never let others do the same to him.

"I was only explaining myself! Or do you think I should just happily accept it when you call me Mr. Turtle?" shouted Tom while trying to catch up with Edward. They walked into the hospital, teasing each other. And their voice had somewhat broken the utter silence of this place all of a sudden.

"So why do they call you a miracle-working doctor? Did you get this title honestly? I think it's stupid to take every word I say so personally." Squinting at him, Edward started to make fun of his medical skills.

"Fine. I will just go if Mr. Mu has no faith in me. You can go and find a real miracle-working doctor if you can!" Tom turned on his heel at Edward's words, and seemed to be wearing a pained expression. This was the last straw.

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