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   Chapter 746 What A Caring Husband (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7357

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"There is no need to ask. I like everything you cook for me. When have I ever complained about your cooking?" He took a look at the lovely breakfast before looking back at her with great affection, as if he could see no one else around but her.

"Come on, stop flattering me like that. Just dig in, or I might be really late." Seated herself beside him, Daisy began eating her own breakfast prepared by Mrs. Wu earlier. Everyone else in the house was still asleep, so Mrs. Wu made Daisy's and Mark's meals first. Everyone else's breakfast would be served about an hour later to make sure that they could enjoy it before it got cold. That was why Daisy made sure she cooked for Edward today.

"I thought you were heading to the hospital first, " Edward asked with his mouth full. He had seen right through her.

"So, I guess this is one of the reasons why you insist on sending me to work?" Daisy stopped eating, turned around and looked at him with a frown.

"Well, you can guess." Edward still tried to hide it from her, even though she knew very well what he was up to. So he decided to play along under the circumstances.

"I guess there is no doubt about it, sir, " smirked Daisy. She knew him well enough to read his mind. And most of the time, it was all up to her whether to blow his cover or not.

Edward smiled noncommittally, but a trace of slyness could be seen in his eyes. To be honest, even he himself had failed to explain why he would care about Hero. After all, that man could never pose any threat to him. Come to think of it, he thought that maybe it was because that Hero was sweet on Daisy. And this fact left him feeling uneasy. Daisy was his, and no one else's. Only Edward could have her.

It is true that everyone is special, but one might still find it disturbing when being compared to others. And what Edward feared the most now was being compared to Hero by Daisy. He had been feeling good about himself, but this time, he really got stressed out and worried that he might lose to Hero. Because he had to admit that Hero had sacrificed almost everything for Daisy. His love was so profound and selfless that even Edward was shocked by it.

So when they got to th

face. 'Just my luck!' he thought, banging his head against the headboard.

"Are you free today?" asked Edward, who tried to calm himself by flicking the dust off his clothes. But his brows kept wrinkling.

"Sort of. Why? Are you inviting me to dinner?" Tom said teasingly. Awakened by the call, he forced himself out of bed and quickly went to the mirror. He had to take a closer look at his face to see whether he got pimples or not, for he felt that his face was a bit rough when he touched it.

"Since you are free, do me the favor of seeing a patient I know, " responded Edward. Unlike the constables, he could easily read the dismay on Daisy's face, so he wanted to do something for her. Putting aside the facts that Hero was a criminal, and he had been involved in the previous kidnapping, he did try his best to protect Daisy and Justin at that time. For that reason, Edward thought he was indebted to Hero. So he would now like to return the favor. It didn't matter whether Hero would accept it or not. What Edward wanted was to make Daisy happy again. He didn't want her to agonize over the matter any more.

"Can I take my words back now?" groaned Tom, drawing a long face. Had he known that Edward wasn't going to buy dinner or anything today, he would have claimed that he was too busy.

"I think you know the answer to that, " Edward said with a malicious smile, thinking that it was no use for the guy to act stupid on purpose in front of him.

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