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   Chapter 745 What A Caring Husband (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7864

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"Mark will drive me there. It's a long, long journey to the army base. Why not save yourself the trouble?" Daisy flatly refused. She picked up the toner on the dresser, and applied a bit to her face. The weather was quite dry in autumn, so though she never cared about skin care, she had to take some measures to keep her face smooth and moist. In fact, she never cared about her appearance before she was with Edward. She would describe him as not only handsome, but also beautiful. His skin was always exquisite and smooth. She wondered whether he was born this way, or he had actually been taking good care of it secretly. Now that she came to think about it, she had never known him to use any special skin products other than toner or moisturizer like her. She felt that if he looked as good as a man possibly could, how could she do any less?

"So is it because you don't want my company?" Edward buttoned his cuff, but he paused on hearing her words. His face darkened. It irritated him every time when she acted this way. Other women would surely be flattered and would even shriek with delight at his offer. But Daisy had never accepted it with any grace when he insisted on giving her a ride, whether it was to pick her up or to drive her to work. He knew that she was only showing her consideration for him, but others might think that she was pushing him away.

"No. I just care about you. You shouldn't spend so much of your time doing this." Daisy denied it hastily. The moment he pulled a long face, she quickly remembered his complaints about her not giving a damn about his feelings and hurting his pride last night. So she rushed to explain that she was worried about him, rather than showing how much she disliked him doing everything for her. After all, they stayed up late last night, and she feared that he might be too tired to drive so far.

"Woman, you should know that men are fragile creatures. When you refuse our help, we get hurt. Do that too much, and your relationship may go sour as time passes." He understood that she was truly concerned about his safety, and that was why he did not lose his temper. But it didn't mean that he could bear it if she simply cold-shouldered him whenever he expressed his love and care. He might manage to keep his passion at the beginning, but if she refused him again and again he could

view, few women were willing and able to cook nowadays, so she would really like to praise Daisy for being such a good woman. And she now adored her even more. Given her busy daily schedule, it surprised Mrs. Wu that she was so good at cooking. After all, Daisy struck her as someone of a high status, who could always order others to do things for her.

"Okay. I'm done now. But I can't guarantee how good this will taste, " Daisy said, smiling shyly at Mrs. Wu. It was true that she often made this dish for Justin back at the army base when she was pressed for time. But after she got back with Edward and moved into the house, she never really got the chance to cook it again. So naturally, she was a bit rusty on it. It seemed that living in comfort made people lazy. It was always like that. You had to keep at something to keep doing it well.

"I bet it's delicious. I heard Mr. Mu coming down. Let's take it out now, " said Mrs. Wu softly. She regarded Daisy like her own daughter, and could feel a connection with her. Because although Daisy could be aloof in some cases, she had a good nature, and would always treat the servants as equals.

"Okay, " Daisy answered. She sniffed at the sandwich while walking towards the door, and smiled contentedly when she found that it smelt good. After making some adjustments to make sure that it was perfectly plated up, she left the kitchen.

"Sit down and have a bite, and tell me whether you like it or not." Smiling complacently, she placed the sandwich on the dining room table and urged Edward to try it.

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