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   Chapter 742 Bar Girls (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8529

Updated: 2018-12-23 00:12

"You're not bored at all. You were just making a fool of yourself by being an asshole and trying to provoke your wife into making a scene. You just decided to come to a bar and get drunk without telling me anything, " Daisy said cautiously. She was careful not to irritate Edward further for fear that the cool atmosphere would become tense again.

"Are you calling me childish?" Edward looked Daisy in the eye, a scornful smile appearing on his face.

"No, you're wrong. Actually, I have no idea why I know so little about you, what's happening in your company, where you go when you're upset, and how I am placed in your heart." She sighed and shook her head helplessly. As far as she was concerned, the gap between them had widened a great deal. Simply saying "I love you" to each other wasn't enough to fix this.

"Yes, you finally understand how I feel. Sometimes, I get upset not because of your career as a solider, but because you don't seem to treat me as your damned husband." It was difficult for Edward to admit his embarrassing insecurities. After countless compromises and concessions, he knew deep down in his heart that his existence meant little to Daisy.

"I'm sorry. I know I've been ignoring your feelings in certain matters. But I'm not a regular woman. What you have in mind won't happen in reality, " Daisy said apologetically.

Daisy clearly knew what Edward was referring to. The way she behaved sometimes hurt his feelings as a man. Nevertheless, she didn't need his protection.

"Do you really think I care about that? Forget it. What can I ask from you?" Edward asked with a bitter smile on his face. The more you gain, the less content you become. He couldn't help getting bothered by her negligence.

"Besides, I should be the one who's mad at you. Tell me where that whore touched you." Daisy demanded, suddenly going mad with jealousy. She grabbed Edward by the collar, a look of sullen resentment taking over her face.

"Why do you care?" Instead of getting angry, Edward smiled in amusement. His gaze fell upon her lips.

"My husband was touched by a fucking whore. Did you really think I wouldn't get upset at this?" Daisy realized that Edward must have been irritated by her pretense of calmness. He might thought that she didn't care about him flirting with a girl in any way.

"No, you can think anything you want. Do you want to personally check?" Edward was the definition of a man in love. He could fly into a rage with the smallest provocation, but was helpless to surrender in the face of affec

e of your soldiers. Otherwise, you would order me to run 20 laps, " Edward interrupted before Daisy could finish her sentence. Edward had heard Daisy say that a hundred times before.

"You better remember that. So you should be grateful, and remember not to make trouble again, " Daisy threatened. Supporting Edward with one arm, Daisy opened the door and walked out. They were welcomed by Luke.

"Mrs. Mu, do you need help?" Luke asked. He thought his young master had gotten too drunk.

"No, I'm fine. Go pay the bill." Daisy was strong enough to carry Edward because of her daily drills in the army.

"Don't worry about the bill. The company will pay it for us at the end of the month, " Luke said casually. Edward used to go here a lot to enjoy himself, spending a great amount of money every time. For convenience, the company paid the bills monthly.

"How efficient! It seems you're very welcome here, " Daisy commented bitterly, gritting her teeth. Edward must be a regular customer here. Otherwise, he wouldn't be given such preferential treatment.

"It's not a big deal, " Edward replied, putting on a forced smile. Luke was a traitor for exposing him to Daisy like that. Why did he have to say that the bills were paid by the company every month? He seemed like a disgusting pig. Why did he tell Daisy that? What a fool! Edward seethed in silent resentment. He was afraid that Daisy might lose her temper on him again the moment they got home.

Seeing the complicated expression on Edward's face, Luke suddenly realized that he had stirred up some trouble. He shot an apologetic glance at Edward for his careless mistake. He hoped against hope that Edward could forgive him.

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