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   Chapter 741 Bar Girls (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8804

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"I know. I don't blame you in any way, Luke. I really appreciate your efforts." Daisy's mouth pursed slightly. She was the type of person who could admit to her shortcomings when she realized that she made a mistake. Whether she felt wronged or not, she would always do her best to fix it.

"You don't need to thank me. I'm only doing my job, " Luke replied, not saying another word. He did his job humbly and meticulously. Knowing that he was asking too much of Daisy, he felt a bit guilty. But it was for the sake of his young master. If Daisy really loved Edward, she would understand what was on his mind and help him out of his troubles.

Luke lived to serve his young master. Naturally, their fates were closely intertwined. Although most people barely knew his important identity, the only thing that mattered to Luke was his young master's safety and welfare. The rest were none of his concern.

Edward sipped his Hennessy with leisure. He didn't feel tipsy at all. On the contrary, he remained sober. When several girls pushed the door open and walked inside, he raised his eyebrows and didn't react to their sudden appearance.

"Who told you to come in?" Edward asked coolly. He continued to fill his glass with wine. These voluptuous women were the best bar girls of Sexy World. In the past, he had frequently availed of their services. Whenever he did, these girls got paid better for serving and pleasing him. So it was always a pleasure for them to serve Edward. He was the perfect combination of a handsome, good-tempered, and generous man.

"Mr. Mu, you haven't come over to have fun with us for a long long time. We miss you! Let us stay with you tonight. You must be lonely." The best bar girls in Sexy World were extremely beautiful and clever. They knew how to coax and please their clients. Despite Edward's indifference, they sat beside him.

"If you want to drink with me, keep your distance and don't touch me. Otherwise, get out of my sight before I get angry." Edward gave them an intimidating and cold look, frightening the girls into moving away from him despite their wishes. But one of the girls had the nerve to ignore Edward's warning, and pressed her body even closer to him.

"Mr. Mu, why are you so angry? You never treated us this way in the past. You're scaring us, " she said in an affected manner. She wore a low-cut dress that revealed her breasts. The fragrance from her cherry mouth was tantalizing. She reached out her white and smooth arm to run her hand down his chest towards his groin.

"What's wrong with you? Are you that stupid to misunderstand what I'm saying? Or are you

e and feel disgraced if she had done that. It simply wasn't her character.

"Should I be grateful that you're so considerate? Perhaps I should thank you for not embarrassing me too much, " Edward said sarcastically. His breath smelled strongly of alcohol and his face was flushed red. A wry and scornful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Are you saying that you'd rather I had made a scene right here?" Daisy frowned at her husband disapprovingly. She could deal with a man who was being difficult on purpose, but not a drunkard who was picking a fight.

"No, I'm not. You're just being sentimental and paranoid, " Edward replied with a smile. Edward took his glass and shook it gently before drinking the wine in one gulp. Daisy did nothing to stop him. Instead of getting annoyed, she considerately refilled the glass for him.

"Did you do that on purpose to piss me off?"

The sight of her husband being intimate with another woman angered Daisy to no end. If she hadn't kept her cool, she would have destroyed everything in the room, including her husband and all those whores who had no compunctions about seducing a married man. She had to constantly remind herself that getting angry and emotional could only complicate problems further. Regaining her composure as quickly as she could, she tried to talk some sense into her drunken husband and resolve the problem peacefully.

"Am I that bored?" He sank lazily into the couch. He hadn't expected his wife to come here, so he wasn't doing all that to deliberately piss her off. Although he had to admit, the moment he saw her at the door, he impulsively thought of provoking Daisy. But it wasn't his original intention. All in all, Daisy's appearance was a complete surprise.

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